Leaving her mark on the world, one student at a time

We recently sat down with Fawziah Qadir, the New York City program coordinator for Global Glimpse, for our Member Spotlight series.

This 29-year-old Fulton Center member is spearheading the education non-profit’s New York branch to inspire young students to become responsible global citizens. A self-proclaimed “eternal optimist” and “social entrepreneur”, Qadir always knew that she wanted a job that would make a difference in people’s lives and give her the opportunity to leave a positive mark in this world.

Here’s what she shared:

I come from a culturally diverse background. My mother is Egyptian (Nubian indigenous), Turkish, Jamaican, and Indian. My father is African American, Cuban, Creole, Irish and Native American. Growing up, I was exposed to a diverse range of cultures from music, customs, and languages. I actually speak three languages: Arabic, English, and Spanish.

Education has always been very important to me, so I’m glad to be a part of an education non-profit with a clear mission and purpose. I attended Fairleigh Dickson University for my B.A. in Political Science and Seton Hall University for my first Masters degree in International Relations. In 2009 I moved to Egypt to attend the American University in Cairo, where I received a second M.A. in International Human Rights Law.

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Global Glimpse is an education non-profit that partners with 45 diverse public high schools – 10 here in New York City and 35 in the Bay Area, working mostly with low-income youth. We also offer 3-week immersion programs in Nicaragua and Dominican Republic for high school kids, so they get involved with different community service projects. Ultimately, we’re equipping our students for success in college and in the global economy.

I would definitely consider myself an entrepreneur, maybe not in the classical sense, but definitely a social entrepreneur. To me, being an entrepreneur means making an opportunity where none existed before. I do that through social change. I’m currently building the Global Glimpse program for the first time here in New York City, but I work with a very supportive team all around the world. We have a team of four in our Bay Area headquarters, three team members in Nicaragua, and one in the Dominican Republic. We also have 20 seasonal international staff and 60 volunteer educators who are deeply involved with the organization.

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I’m inspired by other non-profits that are making a big difference. First, I think Reach the World is an amazing education nonprofit right here at WeWork Fulton Center, and interestingly enough, we share an office! They are making a significant impact among younger students by exposing them to the world at an early age. For example, they link young students and volunteer travelers through an online blogging/journalism platform and face-to-face interactions. I’m also a big fan of Global Citizen Year and AMERA.

Traveling gives me a lot of joy. I really enjoy the change of environment that comes with visiting a new place, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and learning new things. Art is another passion of mine. Whether it’s paintings, photography, dance or music, it really helps me to focus and admire the beauty that comes from the creativity of others.

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