I was obsessed with a problem

Do What You Love is a new series that showcases the entrepreneurs behind emerging companies. For our third edition, we sat down with Sandeep Ayyappan of Delve — here’s what he shared:

Starting Delve had very little to do with wanting to start a company. I was just obsessed with this problem. Delve helps you share what you’re reading with the people you work with. We realized that we could make information sharing an avenue for conversation and for collaboration. A company is the default context for that.

Every day the list gets longer, and every morning I’m more excited to tackle it. It was really just a matter of finding a problem that was deeply personal, putting together an awesome team, a great product, and way to provide a service for a long time.

I’ve been entrepreneurial over the course of my life, but it’s never been for the sake — or glory — of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur is a word I’ve generally avoided — I read once that you don’t call yourself an entrepreneur, someone else calls you one. If you have a unique perspective on a problem, then you build a unique solution.


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