Five nonprofits doing inspiring work with young peoples

It’s the holiday season, and a lot of us are thinking about donating to charities that we know do great work with children. Here at WeWork we have many members striving to help kids everywhere. Here are just a few that you might consider donating to this year.

Project 375

Focusing on mental health issues among young people, Project 375 works to improve access to care and treatment for at-risk students. A good example of what they do: Project Prevent, which works towards early prevention and intervention through technology. As Carissa Johnson, president of Project 375, puts it: “Stats like one in five students living with a mental illness—and knowing that over 50 percent don’t get help—is what makes our work important.” Find out how you can get involved with Project 375.

Room to Read

Lack of educational opportunities for young girls inspired the creation of Room To Read, a nonprofit with global impact. The statistics speak for themselves: of the 800 million people around the world who are illiterate, more than two-thirds are women and girls. Room to Read collaborates with schools, communities, and local governments to ensure they understand the importance of literacy. Check out how you can help support students in your global community.

Protect the People

When you donate to Protect the people you know exactly where your dollars are going. For example, give $25 or $50 and you’re providing holiday toys and new clothing for kids whose lives were thrown into turmoil when Hurricane Matthew swept across Haiti. Larger donations can replant fruit trees or even a whole field of crops. Protect the people focuses on issues like promoting women’s rights, providing economic opportunities and protecting civilians during times of conflict. And they use research-based solutions that have been proven to work.


This organization has a magical mission: transform the lives of children around the world through wonderful books. The Chicago-based nonprofit works to do more than send books to children without permanent homes or who have endured tragedy in their lives—although that is certainly part of the mission. It also works to set up great library spaces where young people can access books and involve local role models who can spend time read and engaging with kids. They’ve even published their own storybook, called The Little Brahmin.

The Malala Fund

The Malala Fund focuses on providing and promoting education for girls around the world. Studies show that providing girls with an opportunity to acquire an education positively influences both local and global communities. “But today, more than 130 million girls around the world are out of school because of poverty, discrimination and war,” says Development Officer at Malala Fund’s Tamara Zeidan. The organization is “working toward a world where all girls can learn for 12 years and lead without fear.” Learn more about how you can help spark social and systemic change with the Malala Fund.


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