40 over 40: Chris Remus shares his secrets for a perfect work-life balance

When Chris Remus studied electrical engineering in college, he thought his only option was working for a large corporation for the rest of his life. But he wanted something different. “The desire to be my own boss was revolting against the desire to just follow people and be thankful for my job,” says Remus. So he explored consulting and picked up a freelance gig in a big telecom company. But after 9/11, he went back to the cubicle life and felt miserable.

Chris Remus

Lots of people think becoming more productive is working faster. But if you give your mind time to rest, chances are you’re doing the right thing.

After joining friends in an unsuccessful startup, Remus was at a crossroads. He was getting married, but he didn’t want to give up his dreams. “It got to a point where my consulting work started to do pretty well,” says Remus, founder of a technology consulting business called Net Link Services. “But the way I was going about it exacerbated bad habits for coping with my stress.” Today the 43-year-old entrepreneur is happily married, has a child, and is writing about his work-life balance struggles in Just Rolling With It. “I realized the way I was living wasn’t going to work,” says the WeWork Williamsburg member. “I started Just Rolling With It to build a community of people who could use the support of thoughtful entrepreneurs.” And finally, Remus says, he is feeling like things are balanced in his life.

Photos: Lauren Kallen

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