40 over 40: Jane Hoffman proves that all things are possible

Every day is special for entrepreneur Jane Hoffman, founder of the public relations and marketing firm All Things Possible. It’s not just her work, although when you talk with her it’s clear she is enthusiastic about what she does for a living. Last year, after being diagnosed with hepatitis C, she decided that treatment was her best option. “The treatment was gnarly,” says Hoffman, a WeWork member based in Chelsea. “It was expensive and a time commitment. I promised myself if I came out the other end, I was gonna make sure I take each day as a valuable lesson and a new gift. And I think that’s what drives me as well.” And now, Hoffman says, she’s feeling better than ever.


If you’re not willing to learn something new, don’t bother waking up. If you look at life and think you have nothing left to learn, you’re going to have a very small world.

When Hoffman launched All Things Possible in 2003, she wanted to work with clients with compelling stories. “You have to be able to tell a great story,” says Hoffman, whose long list of clients includes Apple, Ford, and Whole Foods. “A press release is an excuse for people who are lazy, just want the facts, and want to write a one-paragraph something somewhere.” When she’s not telling stories, she’s working with likeminded go-getters on political campaigns. “I’m representing a candidate running for the U.S. Senate. He’s in it to win it.”

Photos: Katelyn Perry

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