What’s happening with Victoria Taylor: It’s 2016, let’s make a rum ham

In this biweekly series, WeWork’s director of digital community shares five things that she’s enjoying at the moment.

Happy New Year, everybody! With resolutions fresh in everyone’s minds, here’s what’s been on mine:

1. Rum ham

You may have heard about rum ham thanks to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. While it might not be exactly what was referenced in the show, I finally got to try making one this year for the holidays. Here’s the recipe for jamon borracho. It was delicious. Although we couldn’t get orange-flavored rum, we settled for tangerine.

2. Animals wearing clothes

2015 ended with the meme of “How would dogs wear pants?” and as we go into the new year, I’m confident we’ll be seeing additional social media activity around animals in various types of clothes.

3. Hulu’s Canadian TV section

Need I say more?

4. Going to bed early

This New Year’s Eve, I started the year off right by going to sleep at 10:30 PM. I also stayed at home and enjoyed some petit fours and red wine. Highly recommended.

5. Making more relevant resolutions and sticking to them

I’ve been reading WeWork member newsletter Butter & Egg lately, and their tips on 12 science-backed secrets for making better resolutions are great. Check them out here.

So that’s it for this week! Let me know what you’re into anytime by emailing me at victoria@wework.com, and thanks for reading.

Photo credit: Peter Crevier

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