How WeWork celebrated Pride month around the world

Rainbow pastries, parade marchers, and a thoughtfully-designed parade float were just some of the ways WeWork celebrated being our most-authentic selves

The month of June was bursting with all things Pride, and across the WeWork community, the celebrations were plenty and varied. Vibrant art installations, thoughtful advice around authenticity, and even a wedding marked The We Company’s commitment to creating a world that is safe, tolerant, and equitable for all. As 2019 commemorated 50 years since the Stonewall Inn riots, the birth of the gay-rights movement, we reflected on both how far we’ve come—and how much more work we need to do. And of course, we made sure to have a lot of fun. 

In New York City, WeWork marched for WorldPride on a float designed by senior art director Caroline Pratt and her team. The float was flushed in color and included a wallpaper of The We Company’s global footprint.

“We wanted to proudly represent The We Company while celebrating World Pride and honoring the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots,” Pratt said. “The march this year has so much significance and history behind it that we felt the float deserved a pastel-rainbow palette rather than the classic rainbow—making it more inclusive of all members of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

The float and the WeWork community represented love and acceptance as they strode through Manhattan’s West Side neighborhoods, past the historic Stonewall Inn. 

The We Company’s float in New York’s Pride Parade. Photograph courtesy of Chelsea HQ
The back of the The We Company’s float, marked with “Boldly Me, Proudly We,” the company’s Pride slogan. Photograph by Liz Devine

From Boston to Lima, London to Santiago, the WeWork community radiated pride. Colorful bagels and even more colorful people added light to offices and city streets. While Pride is officially scheduled for the month of June, WeWork is committed to fostering its sentiment throughout the year, so that everyone can live boldly as their authentic selves, proudly with We.  Check out the photos below to see how We celebrated across the globe.

WeWork employees pose in Dublin’s Pride celebration. Photograph courtesy of Charlemont Exchange

WeWork celebrates Pride in New York City. Photograph courtesy of Chelsea HQ
WeWork employees fly their flags proudly in the New York City Pride Parade. Photograph by Liz Devine
In Tel Aviv, WeWork joined the Pride Parade with a show-stopping float shaped like a Viking ship. Photograph by Netanel Tobias Photography
WeWork employees in Lima, Peru were treated to colorful doughnuts marked with positive messages. Photograph courtesy of Andrés Reyes 338
In Santiago, the WeWork community aligned itself with the rainbow. Photograph courtesy of Apoquindo 5950
WeWork employees in Bogotá, Colombia pose for a Pride photo. Photograph courtesy of Calle 26 # 92-32

WeWork’s Viking float makes its way through Tel Aviv’s Pride celebration. Photograph by Netanel Tobias Photography

WeWork’s extended family proudly joined the celebrations in New York. Photograph by Liz Devine

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