Community building is all about humanity

WeWork cofounder Miguel McKelvey shares why community building is all about humanity. From the buildings that we work in to the water that we drink, every detail matters.

Women In Community Management Community Managers see it all – our members’ achievements and successes, disappointments and heartbreaks. We see collaborations form and partnerships die (and of course, the occasional printer jam or electrical outage). “Because we invest so much of ourselves into what we do, it can be hard to separate ‘work’ from ‘life,’” […]

Most of the entrepreneurs I meet are building a product, either with their team or co-founders (which I highly recommend) or with a development agency. (Ugh! See what I think about that here.) They tell me about their project with excitement (when they’re not afraid of sharing it) and explain me why their product is going […]

Buy Stuart Dybek’s book, Childhood and Other Neighborhoods, here.  In high school the priests had cautioned us about the danger of books. “The wrong ones will warp your mind more than it is already, Marzek.” I tried to find out what the wrong ones were so I could read them. I had already developed my basic […]