Where to find the best office prices in Buenos Aires

To really take advantage of the growing business scene in Buenos Aires, the challenge is finding affordable, flexible office space

As the economy in Argentina continues to thrive, the real estate market in Buenos Aires is growing stronger. For years, there was ongoing flux between supply and demand, whereas now, after the country implemented a new mortgage system, the market is stable and holds immense promise.

The value of the city’s older residential dwellings increased by 16.5 percent in the year to August 2017 while new dwellings saw a 10 percent boost. This same trend is likely reflected in commercial spaces, too. While this is beneficial for the economy overall, it means office space in the city is more competitive—and more expensive—than it’s been in years. To really take advantage of the growing business scene in Buenos Aires, the challenge is finding office space that doesn’t come with steep up-front costs and burdensome lease terms.

Workspace solutions like WeWork help solve this, offering flexible agreements to vibrant, all-inclusive office spaces. Whether your company employs two people or 45, if you’re looking for an office suite or a private room, you’ll only pay for the space you need. Plus, with multiple WeWork locations available across the city, you can move, scale, and hire in different locations as you see fit.

Here are some of the best neighborhoods for finding affordable office space in Buenos Aires.


It can be surprisingly difficult to find office space in Microcentro, Buenos Aires’s buzzing central business district. Besides hosting the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and many government buildings, Microcentro draws huge crowds to renowned restaurants like San Paolo Pizzeria and Granix. Demand for office space here has accelerated as Argentina’s positive economic indicators have soared.

WeWork provides a more realistic way for you to set up shop in the heart of this vibrant neighborhood. WeWork Torre Bellini, a 25-story tower dedicated solely to WeWork members, is perfect for freelancers and established teams alike. Freelancers are offered all-inclusive amenities and a lovely, light-filled place to work. Growing teams are afforded privacy in office suites—there are options to suit teams of all sizes—and the building is a striking backdrop for meeting clients and wooing investors.


Whatever your industry, working in stately Retiro will inspire you to strive for greatness. Once the playground of Argentina’s elite, this neighborhood has opened up its grandeur to impress countless locals and visitors from around the globe. This picturesque neighborhood features landmark buildings that have stood for over 250 years.

Located at one of the most prestigious addresses in Argentinean business life, WeWork Ing Enrique Butty 275 offers three floors of thoughtfully designed coworking space, including executive-level conference rooms and individual lockable offices. For a break between meetings, slip into our lockable wellness room to find a moment of serenity in the midst of your full agenda. This quiet space is also popular with nursing mothers, meditators, and people who recognize the healing power of the occasional time-out.

WeWork Torre Bellini in Buenos Aires.

Vicente López

From fast-moving financiers to contemplative designers, all kinds of professionals love working in the peaceful neighborhood of Vicente López. Though adjacent to the heart of Buenos Aires’s metropolitan center, Vicente López is a relatively quiet area known for its natural beauty.

Offering 14 floors in a fully modernized building, WeWork Av Libertador 1000 puts you close to a number of acclaimed restaurants and clubs—perfect for entertaining clients after work. In addition, our private rooftop is ideal for meeting new partners and hosting networking events.


Unique even in this enchanting city, Palermo is known for its bountiful shopping and chic nightspots. The largest barrio in Buenos Aires, Palermo features famed museums and art galleries that speak to Argentina’s rich cultural heritage. This area’s many evening enjoyments are ideal for feting clients or building team spirit with post-work jaunts.

WeWork Andres Arguibel 2860 sprawls across six floors of a new building with undeniable architectural panache. Like so many WeWork locations, this one was designed to appeal to professionals who work best in beautiful surroundings. In the brainstorming room, writable walls allow your team to capture valuable ideas immediately. Plus, a pet-friendly policy adds an adorable touch to the workday.

Buenos Aires is brimming with business opportunity and offers a rich, vibrant, artistic home for teams of all sizes. WeWork’s shared offices help you capitalize on this, with flexible agreements that will scale with your company and beautiful designs that will seal the deal for clients and employees alike.

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