The benefits of hot-desking in Johannesburg

Forward-thinking CEOs in Johannesburg hire remote workers and keep teams productive on the go with hot desks

A trend in productivity optimization that has transformed workspaces and office environments the world over, hot-desking is a powerful solution for all business types. Whether you’re looking to hire remote workers, boost employee flexibility, or save money by paying only for the space you need, hot-desking is an easy, sustainable solution to consider.

Hot-desking agreements give you access to coworking environments, wherever you are in the world. Though you have no dedicated desk in a single location, you’re typically afforded access to amenities like shared kitchens, printing stations, bookable conference rooms, and beautifully designed lounges—perfect for meeting with clients and pitching investors.

As commerce explodes in Johannesburg, hot-desking is growing increasingly popular. While hot desks are commonly used by freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for professional workspace and a sense of community, established companies can benefit, too.

Hot-desking to grow your reach

By leveraging hot desks, forward-thinking CEOs are empowered to hire remote workers and keep their team productive on the go. This means, with the aid of virtual desktops, cloud-based software, and mobile devices, business owners can support office operations practically anywhere. This is particularly helpful if you’re looking to tap into South Africa’s vibrant economy yet don’t have the resources to open your own satellite office or your own remote headquarters.

Plus, in all-inclusive solutions like WeWork, you’re afforded access to a global network of potential collaborators, helping you grow into Johannesburg’s market almost immediately.

An added bonus: Hot-desking breaks down barriers to communication and is a successful way to encourage cross-departmental collaboration. A hot-desk environment is a natural incubator for professional collaboration and solidarity, helping you make connections in Johannesburg and expand your reach and your offering.

WeWork The Link in Johannesburg.

Hot-desking to find investment

Johannesburg is ripe with opportunity. In fact, in 2018 the South African government pledged to devote 30 percent of its procurement budget to small, medium, and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) in a bid to generate 11 million jobs across the country by 2030.

Economists estimate that SMMEs produced nearly 50 percent of the South African gross domestic product in 2016. Plus, South Africa ranked 47 among 138 countries in the world for SMME development.

With all this backing, Johannesburg is a hub of opportunity—the challenge is finding space to leverage this opportunity while still staying agile.

Hot-desking solutions give SMMEs the flexibility and space to grow at their own pace. Modern meeting rooms and impressive designs are the perfect backdrop for meeting with investors. Plus, tapping into the wider coworking community gives you access to a whole new book of business.

Hot-desking in Sandton with WeWork

Sandton is the focal point of Johannesburg finance. It’s also the launching pad for countless South African safaris, tourist vacations, and shopping excursions.

At the center of Sandton’s enormous shopping complex stands a nearly 20-foot-tall tribute to Nelson Mandela. Over 10,000 businesses—including eateries, a library, and a theater—emanate from the area surrounding the memorial.

The vibrancy of Sandton is in step with the business conducted by the area’s top investors, financiers, and stock traders. It has long transformed from its beginnings as a rural farming area, and is today dubbed “Africa’s richest square mile.”

Typically, finding office space in Sandton or Downtown brings with it steep up-front costs and inflexible lease terms. Yet, financiers, filmmakers, and lawyers alike can use hot desks to secure workspace at a prime location, without the stress of long-term leases or high financial commitment.

WeWork The Link lies just minutes away from the Sandton financial district. In between business and meetings, you can explore the local activities, attractions, and suburbs. It is ideally situated for finance power players in the area to meet and strategize.

Whether you’re hot-desking to collaborate, network, find investors, or hire remote workers, the practice helps drive agility and maintain productivity. WeWork offers the amenities and community you need to thrive in Johannesburg at The Link, alongside a range of hot desk and dedicated desk agreements.

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