How to find a hot desk in Tokyo

Tokyo has jumped on the hot-desking trend, with freelancers and businesses alike striving for flexibility and community in their workday

With the rise of office technology, businesses are no longer restricted to brick-and-mortar buildings—remote employees are a staple of modern teams, and professionals plug in and get to work at home, in satellite offices, and in coworking spaces.

As expected, Tokyo—a city with a reputation for innovation in tech and cutting-edge design—has jumped on the hot-desking trend. The largest city in the world by population (the entire metro area is home to more than 38 million residents), Tokyo is also one of the most technologically advanced—and freelancers and businesses alike use hot desks as a way to keep the workday flexible, productive, and fueled by a sense of community.

Typically, hot desk agreements come with all-inclusive amenities that help keep professionals feeling focused and connected. In solutions like WeWork, high-tech infrastructure and design ensure a balance between freedom of movement and single-minded concentration. Common areas, for example, allow for refreshments and brainstorming, while bookable meeting rooms and individual phone booths offer privacy and heads-down productivity.

In choosing the best hot-desking location to suit your business, it’s important to consider the surrounding neighborhood and access to transportation—especially in a city as densely populated as Tokyo. Below, you’ll find some of our best options for hot-desking in Tokyo.

Hot-desking on a budget

Situated in northern Tokyo, Ikebukuro—referred to as the Sunshine City— is a multifaceted neighborhood that caters to professionals of every stripe. Boasting an observation deck and an aquarium, brimming with indie stores for anime and manga, this neighborhood is a draw for locals and expats alike.

Here, street markets, historic shrines, vibrant restaurants, and modern shopping malls are blended with colorful houses and lively residential blocks. Plus, a community of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, and European residents in the Toshima Ward ensures your team will never tire of things to try.

WeWork Metropolitan Plaza Building mirrors the energy of the surrounding streets, combining modern design with striking art, pops of color, and lush indoor plants. There’s also a direct connection to Ikebukuro Station from the building. Put yourself at the commercial, cultural, and entertainment center of Toshima at this hot-desking location without breaking the bank.

Hot-desking in central Tokyo

Close to the center of Tokyo in Chiyoda—ideally located between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace—Marunouchi is a feat of urban design. It’s famous for Marunouchi Oazo, an oasis in front of Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi North Exit, where you’ll find restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, bookstores, and other retailers. All this activity culminates in a square of greenery between four interconnected buildings.

WeWork Marunouchi Kitaguchi Building is a 37-story skyscraper with an onsite meditation room as well as a special brainstorming room. This location is ideal for finance contractors and business consultants, putting you close to the city’s major finance institutions. It offers direct access to Tokyo Station and surrounds you with a winning mix of bars, restaurants, and museums for when the workday is done. Kokyo Gaien National Garden is also nearby for a breath of fresh air and gorgeous views.

WeWork Tokyo Square Garden in Tokyo.

Hot-desking for networking opportunities

The Kōjimachi neighborhood in Chiyoda is mostly dedicated to business, yet the bustle is set to a backdrop that originally began as a town settlement. Quiet after dark, this neighborhood features cafés and restaurants for affordable lunches and early dinners. There are also several retailers and art galleries nearby. Commuting home is easy, with Yotsuya Station just a short walk away.

WeWork Tokyo Yotsuya Building offers seven floors of creative workspace, giving you an abundance of hot desk destinations. Several conference rooms accommodate meetings of any size while a dedicated events space with a projector, sound system, and lighting controls allows you to showcase your latest work to several stakeholders at once.

Hot-desking near entertainment options

Known as Minato City among English speakers, the Minato Ward strikes an ideal balance of commercialism and culture. Tokyo Tower, art museums, and historic landmarks are a draw for travelers, while the Toranomon business district is home to many corporate headquarters. Toranomon—or “Tiger’s Gate”—features the Okura Museum of Art, Hotel Okura Tokyo, and many luxury stores.

You’ll experience the same mix of professionalism and culture at WeWork Shiroyama Trust Tower. Conference rooms give you space for meetings while large, open-air lounges allow you to network freely. The building features tasteful colors, soft lighting, and indoor plants for a simple, intentional design.

Hot-desking near the cultural pulse of the city

Shibuya Crossing is in a trendy, lively area that’s ideal for tech companies and entrepreneurs looking to tap into the city’s pulse. Modernity, fashion, Shibuya-kei music, and tourism intersect here—ensuring your lunch breaks will never grow old.

WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square offers a direct connection to the Shibuya Station and is located on the station’s northwest side. It has views of high-rise buildings adorned with video screens for a futuristic feel while the building itself boasts a modern look. This location, which houses office space, retailers, and entertainment options, is just a short trip from the station’s east side—perfect if you’re seeking workspace right in the action.

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