Best office headquarters locations in Tokyo

Tokyo is a lively, strategic locale to open an office headquarters, and these are the best neighborhoods to put down roots

As one of the world’s most influential cities—ranked fourth on the Global Cities Index with significant standing in the business opportunity and human capital sectors—Tokyo is a hub of innovation and energy. This massive metropolis has one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and the second-highest number of Fortune Global 500 company headquarters. It’s at the forefront of finance, electronics, media, and tech, and offers a lively, action-packed base for your office headquarters.

Thanks to government subsidies, Tokyo is an ideal place to start a venture or open a headquarters. The city’s booming business scene is an ongoing source of opportunity while lively entertainment options, leading restaurants, renowned shops, and beautiful parks are sure to keep your team happy and engaged. The draw is almost universal: When foreign businesses choose to open a headquarters or satellite office in Japan, about 75 percent of them choose Tokyo.

With a selection of private and shared workspaces across the city, WeWork makes it easy to grow your team and build your operations in Tokyo. Here are five neighborhoods well-suited to hosting your office headquarters.


At the center of the action and home to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which manages the entire city, Shinjuku is a strategic landing spot for teams looking to network. In addition to being a large administrative hub, Shinjuku is also the headquarters for important corporations like Enoki Films and Square Enix; Subaru’s headquarters is also nearby in Shibuya.

Even with Shinjuku’s focus on business, the neighborhood’s a relaxing place to work and play. There are countless delicious restaurants open at all times of the day and night. You can also experience live music, film screenings, nightclubs, and bars.

Located near the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, WeWork Shinjuku Minamiguchi offers a calm environment that promotes collaboration and drives innovation. A brainstorming room is perfect for developing big ideas while collaboration comes easily in art-filled lounges and modern conference rooms. A selection of private offices gives your team the privacy it needs, and an onsite events space adds to the convenience.

WeWork Nogizaka in Tokyo.


Located in the Minato Ward in the southern part of Tokyo, Shimbashi offers easy access to giant corporations in the technology and manufacturing sectors. Honda, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Seiko are all headquartered in Minato, alongside the Japanese headquarters for Google and Apple.

It’s not all business, however: The SL Plaza block of Shimbashi is full of karaoke bars for those who want an exciting night out, and there are plenty of parks, museums, malls, and golf courses for those who seek quieter entertainment.

The industrious and practical vibe of the neighborhood is mirrored in WeWork Shimbashi, a vibrant shared office space. Situated near many tasty and affordable eateries, this office is ideal for team-building. Plus, our range of private offices serves as the perfect foundation for your office headquarters—and they come with flexible pricing and monthly leasing agreements.


Yotsuya was originally a farming village outside Tokyo, but over the centuries, the city has expanded to encompass it. Now, Yotsuya is known as one of the premier business districts in Tokyo, with close proximity to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is nestled in the southeastern corner of Shinjuku, right by the ancient Imperial Palace, which is still considered the political center of the city.

However, the area stays true to its calmer origins by being a favorite neighborhood for upscale residential living. A particularly famous part of Yotsuya is Arakicho, which is known for its gourmet restaurants, bars, and pubs.

WeWork Tokyu Yotsuya is customized to suit both small and large teams with our office suites and enterprise spaces. There are seven floors filled with sleek furniture, modern art, and natural lighting that make it easy to stay comfortable and focused on work.

WeWork Ocean Gate Minatomirai in Tokyo.


Often thought of as the heart of Tokyo, Shibuya has the largest pedestrian intersection in the world and much of the neighborhood is filled with high-rise towers glowing in neon light. There’s a diverse mix of industries that headquarter in Shibuya, ranging from the social media company Mixi to the electronic manufacturing giant Casio.

The professional opportunities are not the only reason to find Shibuya appealing: It’s a buzzing, fashion-forward neighborhood known for its clothing shops and trendy nightclubs. People who spend a lot of time in this area can check out breweries, ballet performances, concerts, coffee shops, Shinto shrines, and more.

WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square has huge private offices for teams as big as 100, alongside hot-desking options and beautifully designed lounge areas. Marble tables and custom wallpaper make the space feel luxurious and inventive; all-inclusive amenities add to the appeal.


Kyōbashi is one of the oldest commercial districts in Tokyo. This lovely area is focused on maintaining Tokyo’s cultural traditions; you can find charming Kabuki theaters, art galleries, a vibrant food culture, and plenty of tradition in tea ceremonies and community gatherings.

Surrounded by engineering, medical, and financial companies—including Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Shimizu Corporation, and Sumitomo Corporation—WeWork Tokyo Square Garden puts your team in good company. Situated on the 14th floor of this iconic complex, this workspace includes an arcade room and outdoor terrace alongside several productivity fueling offices and meeting rooms.

Establishing your headquarters in Tokyo unlocks plenty of opportunity in expanding your reach and enriching the lives of your employees. With several locations across the city, WeWork’s dynamic offices provide the space and support you need to make your mark in this lively metropolis.

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