Seven coolest coffee spots in Montreal

Montreal is known for its bagels, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a just as good, if not famous, cup of coffee to go with it. Cafes in the city are generous in space, size, and seating, so instead of picking up to go, slow down a little like the Montrealers do.

Cafe Myriade

Considered one of the best cafes in Montreal, it and its sister cafe, Myriade II, is owned by famed barista Anthony Benda. The emphasis here is on quality over quantity, and the wait for the coffee is more than worth it.


Located in the McGill University “ghetto,” this spot is as cute as its name. Cozy atmosphere, great coffee, and come summer, a hidden terrace in the back. Those who drop in for a coffee may have a hard time leaving.

Café Humble Lion

This indie cafe sits almost directly across from the main gates of McGill University and is incredibly popular and, therefore, perennially packed. Keeping with the feline theme, make sure to order the Black Cat!

Java U

In Montreal, this modern chain has several locations downtown and the ‘java’ in the name speaks for itself. The Ville Marie location is surprisingly never too crowded, and has a quiet upstairs, perfect for casual morning appointments.

Presse Café

This chain café is known for its typically large and airy spaces with airy cafeteria-esque feel. The large wooden tables are perfect for impromptu group gatherings any time of the day. Grab a coffee and a fresh pastry!

Tunnel Expresso Bar

During the long, dark, and cold winters of Montreal, this tiny shop (really just a counter) has a large presence in downtown’s underground city. The neon “expresso bar” sign is literally the light at the end of the tunnel.

El Mundo

This quirky little cafe has velvet curtains hanging at the door and an entire wall of windows for people watching. Come here for more than just the coffee—try the juice bar and the gourmet sandwiches, too.

Photos: Richard Winchell/Flickr

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