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Debating between WeWork or a traditional lease? Here’s what we offer above and beyond the traditional

With their new book, the women behind Betches share the secrets to their success—and yours

The right partnership can delight the consumer, energize the team, and deliver big revenue. Here’s how to make it work for you

Lisa Skeete Tatum wants to democratize career success—and her company Landit is just the platform to do it


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Amy Petrikin found her passion following music festivals, and now she’s bringing her creativity to her community role at WeWork

Financial expert Alexa von Tobel shares tips for using tech to keep—and grow—your money

Don’t let impostor syndrome do serious damage to your career and your mental wellness

An innovative and thoughtfully designed workspace can increase employee engagement, productivity, and overall company performance


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A fashion revolution is here—and it’s being led by digital solutions to fit, sustainability, custom tailoring and more

WeWork is helping the world’s largest companies attract talent, innovate better, and perform with more agility

Nearly 50 percent of members say WeWork has helped them enter new markets. Here’s how they’re doing it

Real estate is an extension of a company’s culture and values. That’s why it’s important to design with diversity in mind


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From festivities on H Street to think tanks in Dupont Circle, here are the best office locations in Washington, D.C.

Buzzing with business and culture, Rio is an ideal location for your growing team—the key is finding the right workspace

For teams of all sizes, N.Y.C. is a launchpad to success—the trick is finding workspace without breaking the bank

Whether it’s a financial firm downtown or a creative studio in Soho, there’s a home for your headquarters in N.Y.C.