18 organizations win at Detroit Creator Awards

A total of 18 organizations—ranging from a group that sponsors theater productions in a women’s prison to a company that markets vintage athletic shoes—were among the winners at WeWork’s Creator Awards, held last week in Detroit.

There were three categories of Creator Awards, including the Incubate Award for great ideas or specific projects that need funding, and the Launch Award for young businesses and organizations that need a little help getting off the ground. The third, the Scale Award, is for more established operations aiming to get to the next level.

Sponsored by WeWork, the Creator Awards gave out $1.5 million at its event in Detroit. Over the course of a year, WeWork will be giving out more than $20 million in cities spanning the globe.

Incubate Awards


Chicago Biofuels
Detroit Public Theatre’s Shakespeare in Prison
Feedback App
Jovan Landry
On the Town Riddles
Mommy Monitor
Studio Variously

Launch Awards


Assemble Sound


Brave Initiatives
Luna Lights
Victor App

Scale Awards


Bunker Labs


Imerman Angels
The Empowerment Plan

“To be a creator means to live out who I am, my potential,” says entrepreneur Jovan Landry. Landry’s a triple threat: a filmmaker, photographer, and emcee. Her dream is to create an all-woman hip-hop album. She’s not just talking the performers — every sound technician, graphic designer, and musician will be a woman. That groundbreaking […]

Winners include low-cost eyeglass innovators Global Vision 2020, innovative 3D printing firm re:3D, and others

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