The Atrium and Conference Space at 30 Churchill Place

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Host your next event in the Atrium and Conference Space at 30 Churchill Place


Directly connected to Canary Wharf station, this atrium and high-tech events space at 30 Churchill Place is the ideal location to host your next event.

The Venue

Churchill Place in Canary Wharf is an exclusive 20-storey tower in the heart of the business district. Located in the centre of the building The Atrium is a triple-height, open-plan space, with inspiring views over the Wharf.

The floor-to-ceiling windows and contemporary design features of the atrium are continued in the adjoining Conference Space. With a modular internal wall that can separate the space and moveable furniture, there are multiple configurations available for this private room. This exclusive venue can flex to any event, from presentations to workshops to networking events.

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