Bookable private offices

FAQs for Private Office daily bookings

What are bookable private offices?
How do I book a private office?
Why don’t I see the option to reserve an Office in the WeWork App?  
What hours will I be able to access the private office that I booked?  
How many credits will I be charged for my private office booking?
Can I bring a guest? If so, how do I register my guest?
How will I be able to find my private office once I arrive at the WeWork location?  
What is the cancellation policy for my private office booking?  
I wasn’t satisfied with my booking, who can I speak with?  
What type of membership do I need to make a private office booking?  
Can I make a private office booking on the weekend or after hours?  
What are the cleaning / sanitization protocols for a private offices booking?  
Can I leave my stuff in my office if I leave for a few hours?
Can I leave my belongings overnight if I have a multi-day booking?

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