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Bridgeview Bank - Uptown

Located at 4753 North Broadway, Bridgeview Bank is one of the most prominent and historic buildings in Uptown Chicago. Built in 1925, during the golden age of bank architecture, Bridgeview Bank is where modern functionality and grand, classical design meet. This one-of-a-kind location includes all the amenities today’s workers enjoy while preserving its memorable flourishes, including recommissioned bank teller spaces and strikingly ornate windows.

WeWork occupies the iconic grand hall and mezzanine level which feature open floor shared workspaces, private offices, and generous meeting rooms, which integrate into and complement the building's original design.


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4753 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60640

What people are saying

Rina Caldwell

January 29, 2024

Beautiful, massive space. They kept all the original banking architecture some some people's offices look like they're in teller boxes which I think is super cool. Friendly staff, plenty of amenities. The space is big so sometimes it's hard to figure out the right phone booth to go to for your needs. If you look around enough you'll find either a spare room or small phone booth. As ppl have said it closes at 5pm which is a bummer, but no one has ever rushed me out of there.

Nat Werth

December 10, 2022

Reliable internet, friendly staff, and excellent amenities despite their recent opening! Uptown is lucky to be home to Chicago’s first WeWork outside of the Loop!

Salman Iqbal

September 28, 2023

Clean location, plenty of desks, good staff. Only complaints are that they close too early and they occasionally play music which is distracting and just unnecessary.

Alex Levinger

April 02, 2024

I co-worked here for about 9 months. The coffee they serve is really, unexplainably bad. Not sure why more people didn't complain to management (as I did). Anyway, it's so bad you'll go for tea instead. Second, they close the location on days that are holiday-ADJACENT. Yes, that's right, so it was closed on July 3 as well as July 4th, and for many days around Thanksgiving and Xmas -- I almost needed another coworking space just for the days they weren't open! The main reason this coworking spot didn't end up working for me is their disgusting, cynical take on what makes a hostile working environment. After hearing another coworker say aloud racial epithets and clear-cut racist threats, I lodged a complaint with management. They refused to move forward on the matter, and never consulted me about my experience. In fact, within a few days they abruptly sent me the coldest email imaginable, explaining nothing, and in fact terminated my membership. I'm not sure if it was because I'm a straight white male or because the racist coworker was paying more than me for an office, but their pathetic attitude toward healing wounds won't easily be forgotten. Research WeWork's fraudulent schemes and you'll see why this company ended up filing for bankruptcy. Maybe the place is simply rotten from the top down...
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