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When Manal Kahi started her catering company, Eat Offbeat, she had two goals: Deliver authentic food to New Yorkers, and help displaced people find work

WeWork는 단 3개월 만에 스탠다드 차타드의 다이나믹하고 새로운 'eXellerator Lab'를 디자인 및 설계했습니다.

Growing your business means letting go of something—and honing others. Three female founders share their best advice

In ‘Company of One,’ author Paul Jarvis advocates staying small to grow. Here, growth-stage startups around the world share why they’ve adopted this MO


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When mobility startups get together with legacy auto brands, the innovative possibilities are endless

Nearly 50 percent of members say WeWork has helped them enter new markets. Here’s how they’re doing it

Nio partnered with WeWork to develop a new space that would inspire employee collaboration

How WeWork became one of the world’s largest users of laser-scanning technology

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Inspired by ‘Humans of New York,’ Isabel Harvey collects and shares the personal stories of WeWork members—and in doing so, she’s building connection for her entire building

Moms aren’t the only ones who’ve cornered the market on successful strategies for giving it their all on the job and at home

As we approach Stonewall 50 and 2019 WorldPride, we asked members of WeWork’s queer community to reflect on their experiences growing up—and share what they’ve learned

바이오필리아(녹색 갈증)는 업무공간 안으로 자연을 가져오는 것 이상입니다—그 자리에 업무공간 자체가 없었던 것을 상상하는 것입니다.

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A major player in the EU and a world-class cultural destination, Paris is a strategic and lively home for your business

Between a growing economy, the wonder of Carnival, and a fanatic football following, Rio attracts businesses from across the globe

Tables for one are on the rise—and it might have to do with an increase in work travel

Home to CEOs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creative thinkers, coworking spaces in Tokyo support a vibrant community of professionals