Special offers on select private offices. Restrictions and terms apply. Connect with our team to learn more.

Kings Place

90 York Way
London N1 9AG

4.5 | 38개 리뷰

Special offers on select private offices. Restrictions and terms apply. Connect with our team to learn more.

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  • Kings Place Coworking
    Common Area
  • Kings Place Reception
    Community Bar
  • Kings Place Coworking
    Common Area
  • Kings Place Coworking
    Common Area
  • Kings Place Office
  • Kings Place Office

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90 York Way London N1 9AG
  • 인근 대중 교통

  • Kings Cross Train Station
  • Bike storage available


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  • Hot Lunch - Naked Bowls
  • Mother's Day - Essential Oil Candle Making Workshop

Coworking & Office Space near King's Cross

In a modern building overlooking Regent’s Canal, WeWork’s office space near King’s Cross is the place to be. Our art-filled business lounges keep your team collaborating; private offices and bookable meeting rooms fuel productivity. Commuting is a breeze, with onsite bike storage and the underground just down the road. If you’re looking for office space in King's Cross, WeWork’s flexible leasing options make it easy to put down roots. Month-to-month agreements allow you to scale at your own pace; amenities including high-speed internet, printing services, and helpful onsite staff take care of daily operations. Surrounded by creatives, digital executives, and just down the road from Google’s new London campus, WeWork’s shared office in King’s Cross puts you right in the action. Rent a space today.

Sustainability at Kings Place:
_ 100% Renewable Energy
_ Zero Plastic Policy
_ Green Cleaning (Chemical free)
_ Cycle Spaces

Why WeWork for Your Office Space in King's Cross Station?

Our King's Cross serviced office rolls out the red carpet for you and yours. Find yourself welcomed by smiling faces from our Community team in a warm lobby where the huge, glass-fronted building lets in plenty of natural light. Fruit water, printing, high speed internet—we’ve got all the workspace essentials. But we go even further, raising the bar with an event space for hosting your next talk or lecture, and a dog-friendly policy so even your four legged friends can attend. You’ve never felt more comfortable at work. Our workspace at King's Cross is exactly where you want to be.

사람들의 의견

4.5 | 38개 Google 리뷰

Gary Hartnoll
3월 1, 2024
We visited to follow the sculpture trail and found an additional art exhibition of work by Julie Brook which was excellent.
Funmi Loves
2월 8, 2024
Great meeting space
Sam Sheehan
1월 16, 2024
Great portion sizes!
Patrick McDougall
11월 23, 2023
This is a reflection on the outside of the building of the new Google HQ. I swear by weworks offices. Decor, vibe, buzz, variety, value. I hope they survive bankruptcy!
Bilal Bouhadja
11월 22, 2023
جميل جدا
Darpan Jain
11월 6, 2023
I like the building, and the co working space both. The building's lobby has public space where you can sit and work too.
Abdul R
7월 29, 2023
Perfect space to work at the heart of London, few steps from London Kings Cross St Pancras station.
laurine sitbon
3월 24, 2023
Very airy place. Loved being there. Ultra clean and accessible toilets with lift.
Dave Liao
12월 15, 2022
Fantastic coworking location with pleasant local views. There’s an in-house barista, and alcohol (open at 3pm!). Cialann, Paulina, and Jean-Paul took care of us and made us feel welcome - which is very “We” of them!
pradeep george
11월 15, 2022
I was here for a conference and it is a building with lots of space and facilities. The location next to the canal is excellent. It is a short walk away from Kings Cross station and easy to get to.
Hadi Ibrahim
11월 3, 2022
Great work environment and friendly people.
Jeongmin Lee
10월 17, 2022
great location
joan lockwood
9월 26, 2022
Cosy, well run WeWork close to Kings X station. It’s in my top five WeWorks in London for the vibes, location and service.
umer tahir
5월 17, 2022
Nice place for work. Private and shared spaces available for work. Diverse culture, different businesses and you will meet new people everyday.
2월 13, 2022
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