Carrera 7 #116-50

Carrera 7 #116-50
Bogotá 110221

4.6 | 38개 리뷰

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  • Carrera 7 #116-50 Coworking
    Common Area
  • Carrera 7 #116-50 Coworking
    Hot Desks
  • Carrera 7 #116-50 Coworking
    Work Nooks
  • Carrera 7 #116-50 Coworking
    Conference Room
  • Carrera 7 #116-50 Coworking
  • Carrera 7 #116-50 Coworking

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Carrera 7 #116-50 Bogotá 110221
  • 인근 대중 교통

  • Carrera Séptima
  • Parking available
  • Carrera Séptima
  • Bike storage available

Finding Bogota Coworking Space in Usaquen

Light colored brick and gleaming glass windows combine to create the attractive face of our new, six-story Usaquen office space. Located in the vibrant business hub of northern Bogotá, this space puts you amongst the likes of Samsung, Bank of America, SAP, P&G, and Korn Ferry, and welcomes business of all sizes from a variety of industries. Its convenience is undeniable. Most drive or take the bus by way of Carrera Séptima, but if you’re one for biking there’s onsite storage as well. Try Osaki or Cafe Amarti for lunch, and Bogota Beer Company or The Irish Pub for after-work drinks—all only a short distance away. As for attractions, check out Cinema Paraiso, which screens indie films that are sure give your team a creative spark. Or you can always head to the Santa Barbara Shopping Center or Usaquen’s Sunday flea market for some casual spending. WeWork at Usaquen leaves nothing to be desired.

Why WeWork for Your Coworking Space Near Teleport Bogota?

Bogotá is the metropolitan jewel of Colombia, making our space near Usaquen the workspace of your dreams. Our spacious, unique common areas, micro-roasted coffee, and weekly events are a huge draw—but that’s not all. This WeWork boasts a spacious outdoor roof deck with panoramic views of the entire city, perfect for a casual one-on-one, or five minute break during the day, or hosting your next launch party or lecture in the evening. That, plus a sunlit courtyard that throws heaps of natural light into the interior lounges means you’ll always have the beauty of Bogotá to inspire you. Don’t miss out.

사람들의 의견

4.6 | 38개 Google 리뷰

Felipe José Talavera Ramírez
August 12, 2023
Pedro Guida
July 25, 2023
Santiago De la Cruz
July 3, 2023
Súper ubicado
June 15, 2023
Alvaro Ortega
June 11, 2023
Es un lugar agradable para trabajar
June 5, 2023
Increíblemente acogedor
Oscar Alejandro Castellanos Rodriguez
May 25, 2023
Para los que nos gusta la zona de la 116, Usaquen este sitio es perfecto para trabajar
rosa del papa
May 19, 2023
Un lugar de trabajo con todas las comodidades, reuniones, conversar, planificar
May 11, 2023
Delicioso, buenos precios.
Alfredo Berroteran El Profe 4.0
May 6, 2023
Uno es mejor que el otro. Aca me encanta la vista panorámica
Jairo Rozo
May 2, 2023
Me encantan los espacios, todo en un solo lugar y con disponibilidad, quieres compartir, conversar, beber, ser productivo o hacer una reunión diferente, Este es el lugar
May 2, 2023
Lugar espectacular para trabajar y compartir y conocer personas de otras empresas y países, las instalaciones son espectaculares,
Diego Cardenas
April 22, 2023
Nicolás Rocha Cardenas
April 17, 2023
Excelentes espacios y comunidad
julio cesar murillo vargas
March 22, 2023
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