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Best known for its eclectic boutiques and lively food scene, El Retiro is also home to a diverse community of professionals—and WeWork’s vibrant office space is where they come to thrive. Collaborative lounges fuel an atmosphere of creativity, while private offices and modern conference rooms cater to teams of all sizes. Commuting is simple with several TransMilenio buses within walking distance. During a break between meetings, head to Bozgos Gastronomy Burgers for lunch with a colleague, or treat an out-of-town client to a creole meal at Sabor Barranquilla Cocina Típica. If board games, karaoke, and cocktails are more your speed, El Recreo de Adan is a short walk from the office, and an ideal destination for team outings. If you’re ready to grow your company in this iconic hub of entertainment and business, join WeWork at Carrera 12a #78-40 today.

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Carrera 12a #78-40 Bogotá, 110221

사람들의 의견

Luis Rivera

October 03, 2023

Un excelente lugar de trabajo, comodo, seguro y con transporte cerca

Milena Ramirez

September 13, 2023

Excelentes espacios para trabajar y compartir

Alexandra Guzmán

August 03, 2023

Excelentes espacios y por supuesto la calidez

Love Worldwide

June 03, 2023

Muy ameno este edificio para trabajar. Personas amables, café y bebidas de calidad para beber. Amo la infraestructura de este lugar. Muy chévere.
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