Ocean Gate Minatomirai

3 Chome−7−1 Yokohama-shi Nishi Ward Minatomirai
      Yokohama 220-0012
Ocean Gate Minatomirai
Ocean Gate Minatomirai
3 Chome−7−1 Yokohama-shi Nishi Ward Minatomirai Yokohama 220-0012
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  • Ocean Gate Minatomirai Coworking
  • Ocean Gate Minatomirai Coworking
    Common area
  • Ocean Gate Minatomirai Coworking
    Common area
  • Ocean Gate Minatomirai Coworking
    Internal staircase
  • Ocean Gate Minatomirai Coworking
    Hot desks
  • Ocean Gate Minatomirai Coworking

Minatomirai Office Space

Just steps away from the relaxing waterfront of Rinko Park, WeWork’s Minatomirai coworking space offers a creative oasis for entrepreneurs and established enterprises alike. Spanning four floors of a 15-story building, members can enjoy ample common areas, phone booths, and private offices suited for teams of all sizes—not to mention a dedicated game room for recharging with coworkers. This location is also ideal for commuters, with convenient access to Minatomirai Station right downstairs. After work, enjoy 360-degree views and an array of restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment options in the striking Yokohama Tower. Whatever your industry, our shared office space in Nishi Ward provides unbeatable support for you and your team.

Available Workspace

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Hot desk membership

On-demand access to shared workspace and common areas

Dedicated Desks are not offered at this location.


3 Chome−7−1 Yokohama-shi Nishi Ward Minatomirai Yokohama 220-0012
  • Nearby transport

  • metro icon
    Minatomirai Station (5 minute walk)


Unique to this building

  • Mother's room

    A designated, private, lockable and comfortable space for new mothers – complete with a refrigerator and sink for your convenience.

  • Parking

    Life’s too short to circle the block looking for a spot. Commute like a pro thanks to a vehicular home-away-from-home. Prices and rates vary by location.

  • Bike storage

    Rows of hooks and racks keep your prized bicycle safe on the premises.

  • Espresso bar

    Elevate your caffeination routine with a state-of-the-art espresso machine – frothed milk, anyone?

  • Event space

    With a projector, sound system and lighting controls, lounges are easily converted for members’ meet-ups.

  • Honesty market

    With a convenience store right in your space, you’ve always got snacks and drinks at hand for a quick fuel-up.

  • Materials library

    Peruse our architectural and interior design materials to get inspiration for your next project.

  • Natural light

    Exposure to natural light can improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity.

  • Outdoor space

    From balconies to rooftops, our al fresco spaces offer landscaped environments for coffee, yoga, lunch or one-on-ones.

  • Wellness room

    Whether you’re a nursing mother, need to pray, or looking to meditate, you can rely on this lockable, serene room.

Included Amenities

  • Onsite staff

    With years of operational expertise and service-focused backgrounds, our workplace team is here 9a.m.-6p.m., Mon-Fri, to provide everything you need to keep your office running smoothly.

  • Cleaning services

    Around the clock, our cleaning crew helps keep common areas, meeting rooms, and private offices looking their spiffiest.

  • Phone booths

    These semi-private alcoves provide comfortable sanctuaries on every floor for conducting private calls and video chats.

  • Business-class printers

    Every floor has its own space stocked with a business-class printer, office supplies and a paper shredder.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi

    Hook yourself up to hard-wired Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi, including IT support and guest log-in functionality.

  • Professional & social events

    From workshops to thought-leader panels and cheese tastings, our programming helps you nurture a strong team culture.

  • Unique common areas

    The heart and soul of our locations, these lounges are living room-style spaces designed for creativity, comfort and productivity.

  • Meeting rooms

    From brainstorming rooms with whiteboards and high-top tables to conversation rooms for informal meetings to presentation rooms with projectors and speakers, to specialty rooms, we've got you covered.

  • Complimentary refreshments

    Stay caffeinated with free micro-roasted coffee, tea and keep your hydration up with refreshing fruit water at every WeWork location.

  • Stocked kitchens

    Enjoy complimentary fresh fruit water, micro-roasted coffee and tea, or prep your lunch with refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers.

  • Post & package handling

    From envelopes to boxes and special deliveries, our community team is here to help with your post and package handling.

Events at Ocean Gate Minatomirai

Whether you’re seeking knowledge, inspiration or just a good time, there’s always something worthwhile happening here. Check out our latest events:

  • 健康マニア研修生!~Rinaと学ぶ 体質改善法~
  • 企業として、今こそ知っておくべき「新型コロナウイルス」について | The Latest on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Here to help
Ken M.

The community management team adds a personal, professional touch to each WeWork building and is committed to empowering members in every possible way.

Google Reviews

Jack Marks
15 May 2019
(Translated by Google) Guest is free of WiFi, beer and drinks. (Original) GuestはWiFi、ビール、ドリンク無料です。
January 7, 2020
(Translated by Google) Excellent as a share office (Original) シェアオフィスとしては優秀
February 9, 2020
(Translated by Google) Office space full of heat🎶 (Original) 熱気溢れるオフィススペース🎶
August 11, 2019
(Translated by Google) This is a shared office where people who have started moving and who are positive. He / she teaches importance of working in comfortable space. (Original) 動き出した人や前向きな人が集まるシェアオフィスです。心地良い空間で仕事をすることの大切さを教えてくれます。
Lo Ko
July 26, 2019
(Translated by Google) Very good coworking space with a good location. You can work in the store very comfortably and centrally. The building itself is also beautiful. (Original) 立地が良くとてもいいコワーキングスペースです。店内とても居心地よく、集中して作業できます。ビル自体もきれいです。
teppei nakamura
17 November 2019
(Translated by Google) There are few people (Original) 人が少なくて良い
Yasunao Okada
6 November 2019
(Translated by Google) In November 2019, it is a sublease company that is storming with Softbank in the world. (Original) 2019年11月、世間でソフトバンクと共に荒れている転貸業社さんです。
February 10, 2020
(Translated by Google) Anyway, impressive, beautiful, intelligent. 🤯 (Original) ともかく感動的 きれい 知的です。🤯
Kenichi Ichikawa
29 October 2019
(Translated by Google) The second wework visit following Meiji Shrine. I got a new business proposal. (Original) 明治神宮に続き2つ目のwework訪問。新しいビジネス提案を頂いた。
June 12, 2019
(Translated by Google) It was a nice place. (Original) いい場所でした。
January 29, 2020
(Translated by Google) a nice place ・ Some seats are vacant because there are fewer people than other wework ・ You can drink all-you-can-drink coffee and milk. ・ Font booth and meeting room are almost vacant and can be used immediately ... Read more (Translated by Google) a nice place ・ Some seats are vacant because there are fewer people than other wework ・ You can drink all-you-can-drink coffee and milk. ・ Font booth and meeting room are almost vacant and can be used immediately Bad place ・ The reception staff is foreign. Politeness is rude. I want you to work plainly. The staff often make noise. Clean people are more polite. ・ Beer is all-you-can-drink in the evening, but people who do not drink do not feel like it, tea is cheap because of this ... ・ The office floor is thin and the footsteps are quite noisy even in sneakers ・ Some people are making a lot of noise even though they are giving a lecture because they are talking about the community space (Employees of a certain red electronic payment service…) ・ I often have children I can't recommend it. Not worth the price. (Original) 良い所 ・他のweworkより人が少ないので大体席が空いている ・飲み放題のコーヒーが美味しい、牛乳なども飲める。 ・フォンブースもミーティングルームも大体空いているのですぐ使える 悪い所 ・受付のスタッフのノリが外国的。慇懃無礼。淡々と仕事して欲しい。スタッフ同士で騒いでることも多い。クリーンの人の方が礼儀正しい。 ・夕方からビールが飲み放題になるけど飲まない人は勿体ない気がする、これのせいかお茶が安物になった… ・オフィスフロアは床が薄くてスニーカーでも足音がかなりうるさい ・いくらコミュニティスペースだからって講演中にも関わらずどんちゃん騒ぎしてる輩がいる(某赤い電子決済サービスの社員たち…) ・よく子供がいる とてもおすすめできない。 値段と見合ってません。

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