Seolleung II

1F, 427, Teheran-ro
Seoul 06159

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  • Seolleung II Coworking
    Hot Desk area
  • Seolleung II Reception
    Community Bar
  • Seolleung II Coworking
  • Seolleung II Coworking
    Common Area
  • Seolleung II Coworking
    Common Area
  • Seolleung II Office Space
    Private Office

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  • 청소 서비스
  • 주차
  • 반려견 출입 가능
  • 자전거 보관실
  • 웰니스 룸
  • 이벤트 공간
  • 게임
  • 기술 서비스
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1F, 427, Teheran-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul 06159
  • 인근 대중 교통

  • Seolleung Station (5 minute walk)


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  • WeWork 입주사를 위한 HR/노무 무료상담 이벤트
  • [위워크 상반기 WeTalk 세션] 국내최초 ‘수레이너‘, 설채현 수의사님과 함께하는 반려견 교육
  • WeGather Web Developer 네트워킹 세션을 시작합니다!
  • WeGather 콘텐츠크리에이터 네트워킹 세션을 시작합니다!
  • 포스트 NEW 콘푸라이트바 & 오곡코코볼바 샘플링 이벤트

Finding Workspace at Seolleung Station II

WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies grow together. At this convenient address, discover floors of coworking and private offices that cater to needs you didn’t even know you had. Our spaces are designed to promote productivity whether you’re a team of one or 100, and month-to-month flexibility means your space is just as agile as you are. Plus, one all-inclusive rate makes things easy. Any workspace can have a lounge, but ours are decorated with custom murals. Your old office might have had a coffee pot, but ours has a micro-roasted coffee bar and fresh fruit water. We’ve considered every detail so you can focus on your business. Beyond desks, staff, and amenities, find a community of forward-thinking companies and in-house events that connect you organically. More information on this location is coming soon, but we’re gladly accepting inquiries. Get in touch today to schedule a visit.
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EunJin C.

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