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123 Buckingham Palace Rd

WeWork’s coworking space at 123 Buckingham Palace Road puts you in the heart of Victoria’s vibrant professional community. We’ve transformed an entire floor in this modern, six-story building to offer sweeping common areas, beautiful conference rooms, and sleek private offices designed to maximize productivity. Front-desk service, fully stocked printing stations, and onsite cleaning staff add to the appeal. Plus, the building is dog-friendly. Easy access to Victoria station, the underground, as well as Terminus place makes your commute a breeze no matter where you’re coming from—or where you’re headed. After work, enjoy a concert at Victoria Palace Theatre or head to one of the many critically acclaimed restaurants in the area. Ready to elevate your workday? Schedule a visit today.


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123 Buckingham Palace Road London, SW1W 9SH

사람들의 의견

Patrick McDougall

January 20, 2024

Another day, another wework! Love having the variety of places to go. Always comfortable, friendly staff, barristas at a lot of them. Here at Buckingham Palace Road, I had more office space to choose from than Google! lol. Also, spotted royalty driving past outside with a police escort (check the registration number!). Always something going on when you head I to town!

Tomas seliokas

December 06, 2023

One of the best wework spaces I've been to. Great views, coffe, pool table, table tennis and comfortable couches.

Dmytro Rohov

November 29, 2023

Updated. Coffee is so on point today. Thank you. Overall a nice and comfortable office space. The coffee is so terrible though. Seriously terrible!

David Lindsey

April 28, 2023

Game changing
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