625 Massachusetts Ave

625 Massachusetts Ave
          Cambridge, MA 02139

4.5 | 17 reviews

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  • Mass Ave. Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • Mass Ave. Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • Mass Ave. Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • Mass Ave. Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • Mass Ave. Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • Mass Ave. Coworking
  • 625 Massachusetts Ave Reception
    Community Bar
  • 625 Massachusetts Ave Office Space
  • 625 Massachusetts Ave Office Space
  • חדר ישיבות, 625 Massachusetts Ave
    חדר ישיבות
  • 625 Massachusetts Ave Office Space
    תאי טלפון
  • 625 Massachusetts Ave Office Space
  • 625 Massachusetts Ave Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • 625 Massachusetts Ave Coworking
    אזור משותף

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625 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139
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    1, 47, 64, 70, 70A, CT1 to Massachusetts Ave, 64, 83, 81 to Prospect Street.

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What people are saying

4.5 | 17 Google reviews

Nayeem Hussain
November 6, 2019
Great we work location, good interiors. Right next to central square.
Albert Gnadt
August 31, 2019
Nice space
Danillo Leite 82
April 15, 2019
Went here for my apex neuro research study Good and aesthetically beautiful CO working space Would love to work here
Evan DiLeo
April 9, 2019
Staff is awesome.
Paul Lampland
September 16, 2018
Convenient with great amenities.
James Kell
April 12, 2018
WeWork is the best work solution for any nomad.
Liam O
December 7, 2017
Our group, Brand New Congress, meets here weekly. Always worth it, definitely one of the nicest work spaces around!
Mahmood Usmani
October 13, 2017
Definitely one of their top-tier as far as their locations go. But I really wish they had a ping-pong table
anjaneya naik
October 10, 2017
Went here for my apex neuro research study Good and aesthetically beautiful CO working space Would love to work here
John McNamara
August 29, 2017
Went here for an AWS Meetup. Two Harpoon beers on tap (yes, free beer). Good, comfortable furniture, as well.
Gabriele Manganaro
May 3, 2019
Nice and spacious. Very well equipped, even better than traditional corporate offices.
R.A. Krozz
March 24, 2019
Great space with awesome energy!
Jeanne Hopkins
February 27, 2019
Charles Basner
July 31, 2017
Pleasant surroundings, full of energy, had a meeting there and system didn't work - both interviewer and I were waiting for the other until he came looking for me. Pretty disappointing
Sang Lee
April 2, 2019
This location have large hot desk area. This area can get a wee bit loud. Down side is that this location is not a dog friendly location.
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Find a Coworking Space in Cambridge

Growing the WeWork Boston community to this side of the river, WeWork Mass Ave is Cambridge office space with some serious inspiration. Is there any address more influential than right between Harvard and MIT? In lieu of a corporate skyscraper, this coworking space has made its home in a classic three-story brick building, steps away from Central Square Station. It doesn’t matter if you’re in finance or tech, need a single desk or a whole floor, you’ll enjoy the convenience of this walkable neighborhood. Whether your lunches are more burgers or juice bar, your happy hours more cocktail lounge or Irish pub, all deep thinkers and big ideas are welcome at WeWork Mass Ave.

WeWork’s Unique Shared Office Space in Cambridge

Our designs at WeWork Mass Ave are all about maximizing space for you and yours and highlighting the eclectic vibe of the building. For this location, we considered every detail an opportunity—from the depth of the furniture, to the way the lighting fixtures paint the room, to the colors of the murals on the walls. We’ve taken every nuance into account to give your team ample room to produce your brawniest ideas, and still be a part of a vibrant coworking community. WeWork Mass Ave includes every workspace necessity—printing, conference rooms, high-speed internet—but what makes the space truly special is a cozy center sofa pit and an ephemeral ramp space leading up to the lobby that lets you know you’re walking into something great. Lock down a spot here, and your team is sure to thank you.

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