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Derech Menachem Begin 144 Tel Aviv, 6492102

Trànsit proper

  • Savidor Center Train Station

  • Parking available

  • Ayalon Highway, Namir road, Menachem Begin road

  • Bike storage available

Finding Coworking Space in Central Tel Aviv

Looking for shared office space in Tel Aviv’s business center? Occupying the top floors of the modern Midtown Tower, this WeWork location offers 360-degree views from one of the tallest buildings in the region. Whether your team’s focusing in a private office or collaborating in a conference room, find inspiration from vistas of the sea, mountains, and skyline. Conveniently located between Ayalon Highway and Menachem Begin, this new development will soon have stores, restaurants, and a park right on its doorstep. Commuting couldn’t be easier with Hashalom and Savidor Central stations, not to mention onsite parking for cars and bicycles. In addition to our standard suite of amenities, this location is dog-friendly, and includes showers for those who like to get active en route. Where better to empower your employees than from the top of the top, in the heart of central Tel Aviv?

Què diu la gent

4.7 | 42 ressenyes de Google

Shalom Yariv
July 19, 2023
Very aesthetuc and hospitable
Felipe Moncaleano
April 26, 2023
Nice location, many cafes and restaurants, is a Bussines area but nice buildings, gyms, climbing walls and a piano in the square if u want to play some beautiful music
April 12, 2023
The space and location is a great choice for freelancers, positive vibes and helpful staff.
Noam Shahaf
March 13, 2023
Work friendly. Excellent location.
Fares Halahlih
December 25, 2022
My favorite wework in TLV. Easy to get there by transportation. The staff are generous and have a great atmosphere.
Noa Gadot
August 31, 2022
Beautiful offices
Michelle Polansky
August 16, 2022
Beautiful views and very good vibes
Hamodi Abu Nasser
December 31, 2021
The coolest wework in Tel Aviv, right in the heart of the city. 34 Floor in the very beautiful midtown building. Two big balconies with astonishing views. The place is calm the people are nice and the staff are very helpful. Clean and has a ... Continua llegint The coolest wework in Tel Aviv, right in the heart of the city. 34 Floor in the very beautiful midtown building. Two big balconies with astonishing views. The place is calm the people are nice and the staff are very helpful. Clean and has a lot of common spaces
hagar hamadi
November 19, 2021
Nice place for work
Eyal Shapira
November 19, 2021
Our company office is here. Great WeWork
Yigal David Hachmon (‫יגאל דוד חכמון‬‎)
July 20, 2021
מקום יפהפה ומשרדים מדהימים. כצלם תדמית צילמתי שם באחד המשרדים. חוויה נהדרת והמון צילומים לפורטפוליו שלי. YDH.myportfolio.com
עומר הלוי
May 30, 2021
I just love this place!
idan cohen
February 23, 2021
סביבת עבודה מזמינה חמה ומפרה עם שירותי תמיכה מצוות אנושי הנכון לעזור בכל דבר ועניין. ואיך אפשר בלי לומר מילה על עמדת בר הקפה עם הבריסטה המקצוען שהופך כל כוס קפה לאומנות.
יניב חדד
November 20, 2020
מקום מקסים. אוירה מצויינת פינות עבודה וישיבה מגוונות. גם השירות של הצוות מעולה. והכי חשוב הנוף המדהים.מומלץ
ארז פישל
November 13, 2020
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