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WeWork evolves space into an experience. Our intelligently designed event venues offer ample solutions when you’re weighing the options on where to host your next function in Philadelphia. From huge workshops to intimate demos, splashy holiday socials to buttoned-up corporate events, hosting at one of our locations will make your event one to remember.
Walnut Street

Venues for Any Philadelphia Event

Our selection of event spaces in Philly suit all sorts of occasions.

  • Northern Liberties at 101 N. Hancock St, Philadelphia PA 19123

    Located in the former Schmidt’s Brewery. Best suited for receptions, presentations, and artist showings. Includes a lower level, elevator access, bar and game room, full-sized catering kitchen, A/V capability with HD projector and built-in screen, PA system, two wireless mics, and audio inputs. Fits 150 people.

  • The Walnut Street Rooftop at 1430 Walnut St Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19102

    Blocks from City Hall on the corner of 15th and Walnut Street, this roof terrace boasts an amazing view of the city. Fully furnished with hammocks, bench seating, picnic tables, optional ping pong table, speaker and mic, unstocked portable bar. Features freight and passenger elevator access. Fits 100 people.

How Do I Host?

أنت تشارك
You don’t need to be a WeWork member to host your event. Just let us know your needs and someone from our team will reach out to help you start planning.
ونحن نحضّر
Our Community team will receive any packages ahead of time, coordinate your logistics, and set up the venue.
أنت تستضيف
Send your save the dates and have your guests show up to an event space you can be proud of.

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