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71 Robinson Road Singapore, 068895

محطة العبور الأقرب

  • Tanjong Pagar EW15, Downtown DT17, Marina Bay CE2

Shenton Way Shared Office Space

Welcoming members across a range of industries, WeWork’s Shenton Way shared office space delivers a prime address in Singapore’s Central Business District. Occupying three floors in a modern 15-story tower, full-length windows fill this location with natural light and offer breathtaking views of the vibrant metropolis and Singapore Strait. Teams of all sizes can take advantage of WeWork’s hallmark amenities, including front-desk service, unique conference rooms, and fully stocked printing stations. With public transportation like the Tanjong Pagar EW15, Downtown DT17, and Marina Bay CE2 all close by, enjoy easy access throughout the city. Ready to reimagine your workday? Book a tour to join some of Singapore’s top professionals in our Downtown Core shared office space.

Office Space for Rent on Robinson Road

The buzz of Singapore’s Central Business District and rich history of the neighboring Tanjong Pagar neighborhood give this location a vibrant energy. Inside you’ll find the perfect backdrop for business innovation on every scale, featuring a balanced blend of traditional and modern textures. Throughout the conference rooms, lounge areas, and common spaces, original artwork provides pops of color to contrast the warm tones of wood paneling. A dedicated game room and onsite showers make it easy to stay refreshed throughout the day, no matter what you’re working on. Looking for all-inclusive amenities and unbeatable location? Our space on Robinson Road delivers.

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4.5 | 43 مراجعة Google

Arti Soejitno
May 04, 2024
Lovely young crowd open space work area with lovely pastel colors and cosy interior decoration. It has small coffee shop down there and located at one of the heritage street with old colonial buildings along the way.
March 22, 2024
This is a really nice wework.
L264 B
August 16, 2023
Great staff, great fit out. On the of the more quite working spaces in Singapore.
Srinivasan V
February 09, 2022
Joel Tay
July 31, 2021
Excellent place to both work and chill, and the community team made it even more enjoyable!
William Chan
July 07, 2021
Loved it..good concept
Tm sakib Hossain
September 06, 2020
Nghia Barcode (NghiaBarcode)
March 03, 2020
Joseph Howe
June 03, 2019
Byron Heath
May 19, 2019
My first time to visit a company using WeWork, it was almost everything you would expect for a modern flexible work environment that companies are now more aware of and moving towards, a very nice atmosphere in the large reception where I g ... اقرأ المزيد My first time to visit a company using WeWork, it was almost everything you would expect for a modern flexible work environment that companies are now more aware of and moving towards, a very nice atmosphere in the large reception where I got a lot done before my meeting.
Vicky Tang
May 13, 2019
Awesome work place
Jordon Ho
March 05, 2019
Cool Co-working space with weekly events !
Scott Ashby
February 15, 2019
What an amazing space. Highly recommend.
Allan Ang
January 27, 2019
Great co-working space and nice community
January 17, 2019
Really nice place for hotdesking in Singapore 🇸🇬 friendly & helpful staff. Perfectly located in the CBD, very convenient.
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