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3001 Bishop Drive

Ideally situated in the heart of San Ramon, our shared office near Bishop Ranch is a beacon for new businesses and fresh talent. The surrounding neighborhood is filled with a diverse array of restaurants, shops, entertainment options, and beautiful green spaces—and our two-story workspace completes the experience. Greet a client in an art-filled lounge, touch base with the team in a collaborative conference room, then enjoy uninterrupted productivity in your own private office. (Later, take your lunch break to the next level on the outdoor terrace.) Onsite parking and direct access to the I-680 streamlines your commute; proximity to other businesses and the Roundhouse Conference Center adds to the convenience. After work, explore the cocktails, cuisines, and farm-to-table vendors at Bishop Ranch, or host a networking happy hour in our dedicated event space. San Ramon boasts a winning mix of commerce and culture, and our 3001 Bishop Drive office space mirrors that experience. Schedule a visit to find out more.


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3001 Bishop Drive San Ramon, CA 94583

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Michelle Allen

January 19, 2024

Huge building, great amenities, stylish decor and beautiful views out of the large windows

Mohana Medisetty

December 16, 2023

I used to work here and the best part of it is the stunning lake views.

Mike Lynn

September 14, 2023

Beautiful space

Rohan Bhat (roknight)

July 10, 2023

Imagine stepping into an office space nestled right next to a serene lake. As you glance out of the window, your eyes are greeted by the sight of a crystal-clear lake adorned with gentle waves, creating a picturesque view that instantly soothes the mind. And when you need a breather, a mere five-minute walk will lead you to a vibrant array of restaurants and bars, perfect for enjoying happy hours with friends and colleagues. This Weworks location in San Ramon has been our office space for over two years, and it's not just the breathtaking views and nearby amenities that make it exceptional—it's the extraordinary community team that truly sets it apart. Rachel, Paige, and Krian, the incredible members of the community team, go above and beyond to provide exceptional assistance. Their unwavering dedication ensures that they are available whenever you need support, and they address your concerns with a remarkable sense of urgency. You won't find yourself following up with them because they take the initiative to proactively address every question and concern you may have. Throughout the past two years, each member of the community team has played a vital role in assisting me with various tasks. Their commitment to creating a supportive environment within the Weworks space is truly commendable. And let's not forget the weekly breaks and happy hours they organize, adding an extra touch of relaxation and fun to your workday. Moreover, the companies located within this space are fantastic to interact with. The collaborative atmosphere encourages networking and fosters connections that can prove invaluable in your professional journey. Whether you're seeking a stimulating conversation or a creative collaboration, this vibrant community has it all. If you're searching for a workspace that seamlessly combines relaxation, productivity, and an array of amenities, look no further. Once you experience the unique offerings of this Weworks location, it will be incredibly difficult to return to a conventional office space. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting surroundings, supported by an exceptional community team, and embraced by an inspiring group of professionals. Your work-life balance will thank you for the extraordinary experience. Rohan
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