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10% Off at Select WeWork Locations for Square Users

Grow Your Business and Get Inspired at WeWork. Receive 10% off for 12 months.


Welcome Square Users

WeWork is excited to announce a partnership with Square to offer their users 10% off for 12 months at select WeWork locations around the world.

With over 200 locations around the world, WeWork provides workspace, community and services to companies of 1-1,000+ employees, fostering an environment that allows small and large businesses alike to do what they love!


WeWork 特色

WeWork 的办公空间设计符合 1 至 100+ 不同规模的企业需求。独特的玻璃墙设计,让办公空间在保持私密性的同时拥有自然采光。公用区域的轻松氛围,会让您的团队与来往宾客获得无限灵感。

Whether it's getting feedback on your product in real time, asking for a recommendation on a service provider, or simply grabbing a beer after work, the power of our community is invaluable for getting your best work done and fostering innovation.

有什么是比您自己的时间更加珍贵的?WeWork 服务商店是可提供服务和软件的一站式商店,它能帮助我们的会员提高效率。您的团队在加入 WeWork 的那一刻起,就可以以较低的价格享受医疗保险、会计软件、生产工具等等。

WeWork Promenade Common Area

WeWork Promenade Common Area

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Offer available for 12 months in participating locations for non-WeWork members. Limitations may apply. For more information, contact