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Welcome Toptal Members

WeWork is excited to announce a partnership with Toptal to offer their members complimentary 2-month WeMembership subscriptions and 10% off on Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks and private offices with a 12-month commitment.

WeWork 特色

WeWork provides workspace, community and services to companies of 1-100+ employees and has over 200 locations around the world.



有什么是比您自己的时间更加珍贵的?WeWork 服务商店是可提供服务和软件的一站式商店,它能帮助我们的会员提高效率。您的团队在加入 WeWork 的那一刻起,就可以以较低的价格享受医疗保险、会计软件、生产工具等等。

WeWork Promenade Common Area

WeWork Promenade Common Area

We Membership: at a glance

Sign up for We Membership here using the code "WWToptal"

We Membership makes it easy for you to connect with tens of thousands of WeWork members who need the services you offer and offer the services you need. Using our mobile app and member network, you can leverage the strength of our diverse, global community no matter where you are.
This membership also comes with two credits to book workspace or conference rooms in select locations around the world.

  • 可用时间
    您的会员计划含每月2点积分,用于在指定地点从周一到周五的早9点 - 晚6点预定工作场地和会议室。
  • 可用地点
    在精选的地点工作。其他日常工作场地:$50 美元/日
  • 配额
  • 附加服务
    Daily Workspace: USD$50/day
    Conference Rooms: Starting at USD$25/hour
    Mail & Package Handling*: USD$50/month


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WeWork's Hot Desk plans give you the opportunity to connect with the WeWork community while staying true to yourself. Offered at a starting price of $220/month, Hot Desks are perfect for those who need flexible, 24/7 access to workspace, but not necessarily a private office, or even the same desk every day. With the Hot Desk plan, you’ll pick a primary WeWork location, show up when you want, grab any open seat in the Hot Desk common area, and start working. A new seat each day means new conversations with future collaborators, with the peace-of-mind of always having an outlet for your computer, not having to buy coffee, and access to impressive conference rooms for your next big meeting.

  • 可用时间
  • 可用地点
  • 配额
    2 included, with the ability to buy more.
    *Credits can be used towards reserving conference rooms and workspace and for printing. You'll be able to purchase as many credits as you like. 1 credit costs $25.
  • 附加服务
    Conference Rooms: Starting at $25/hour
    Mail & Packaging Handling*: $50/month

*24/7 Access is not available in Soho. Mail & package handling is available in all countries except the U.K.

Dedicated desks: at a glance

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This plan gives you 24/7 access to a desk (or desks) in a private, open area. Dedicated Desks are permanent, meaning you will work from the same spot all day, every day. Not only that, but this plan also gives you the opportunity to collaborate easily with members around you, giving you the best parts of working in a community while still having space to do your own thing.
With a Dedicated Desk, you get a chair, lamp, trash can, and filing cabinet. You also have printing, mail and package services.

  • 可用时间
  • 可用地点
  • 配额
  • 附加部分

*24/7 Access is not available in Soho.

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