Welcome To Your Global Home

The vision of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor is built on a simple but powerful idea: we’re better together. The WeWork Cascadia Passport is your ticket and WeWork’s commitment to help all of us across the region to do better, together.
The vision of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor is built on a simple but powerful idea: we’re better together. The WeWork Cascadia Passport is your ticket and WeWork’s commitment to help all of us across the region to do better, together.

What is the WeWork Cascadia Passport?

The Cascadia Passport is for anyone across the region who takes the Cascadia Pledge and is committed to a shared vision of increased partnership, innovation, and lasting growth across Cascadia, from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver. Having a space to conduct business, take meetings, make connections, and build lasting partnerships should not stand in the way of building a stronger Cascadia Innovation Corridor. Thanks to WeWork and the Cascadia Passport, it no longer has to be. Welcome to your global home.

The Future Is Brighter Together

The goal of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor is to build a stronger, more interconnected ecosystem from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver that will empower the Cascadia region as a whole to thrive, grow and compete globally.

Each city is already home to global business leaders and pioneers of innovation. Each city already serves as a key gateway between North America and the Pacific Rim. Yet while each city stands strongly on their own, the surest path to solidify and expand upon these gains is to build a more interconnected Cascadia that is stronger than our individual parts. The future is brighter together.

The WeWork Difference: Scale, Network + Community Ambassadors

Each WeWork location is, on average, home to more than 150 different businesses of all sizes. From 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies who are now WeWork members to scrappy startups, every WeWork location is an innovation hub unto itself. Then at the city level - with multiple locations in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver - members are able to use WeWork locations across the entirety of each city like a campus. Connecting the dots within each location’s four walls and to all four corners of each city are WeWork’s community teams who serve as local Community Ambassadors who can help new arrivals and even local veterans more effectively link with local culture, businesses, and influencers. Globally, WeWork provides more than 400,000 members around the world with space, community, and services through both physical and digital offerings with more than 400 physical locations in 99 cities and 26 countries around the world, a network that all WeWork members have access to.

Holders of the WeWork Cascadia Passport gain:

    • Acesso
    • 24/7 access to your home WeWork location + workday access to any of WeWork’s 20+ locations across Cascadia, from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver
    • Hot Desk
    • A free Hot Desk membership for six months
    • Private Meeting Space
    • 10 hours of conference room/private meeting space use per month (in the form of WeWork credits)
    • Serviços comerciais
    • Access to business services available only to WeWork members
    • Member Network
    • Access to the WeWork Member Network App, which connects users to over 270,000 members worldwide

Who can access a Cascadia Passport?

In addition to applying directly to WeWork for a Cascadia Passport, each month WeWork will donate a set number of Cascadia Passports to local leaders across the region, from mayors and governors to regional associations + universities to veteran entrepreneurs in Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle. These holders can distribute the Passports to drive, incubate and strengthen any efforts they deem aligned with the vision of a stronger and more collaborative Cascadia Innovation Corridor. Using the Cascadia Passports, cities, regional governments, and local leaders will be empowered to more effectively pursue these efforts by providing innovative and professional space to both inbound delegations and local businesses keen to branch out into a sister city within Cascadia.

How to Apply

    • 1. Get a Passport Code
    • Obtain a unique passport code from any of the Cascadia Passport partner organizations, or send an email to get connected.
    • 2. Take the Pledge
    • Click on the “Take the Cascadia Passport Pledge” box in the lower-right corner of this page. Complete and submit your pledge.
    • 3. Unlock Your Passport!
    • Once you submit your pledge you will receive an email with a link to a website where you can input your unique Cascadia Passport code. Submit the code and unlock your passport!
Questions, comments, or interesting stories about your Cascadia Passport experience? Email cascadiapassport@wework.com.