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The WeWork Community Refugee Hiring Initiative brings together companies and refugees in a collective effort to expand opportunity and build a brighter future for all.


Better Together

We believe that by working together, every person can have the opportunity to create their life’s work and every community can positively impact change.

Join us in creating a more resilient workforce and more welcoming communities.

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If you are interested in making a commitment to hiring, we’ll connect you with our network of partners to help you find qualified refugee candidates for your job openings.

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Get Involved

For those who want to get involved as individuals or companies who aren't ready to hire, there are other meaningful ways to take action, including mentorship, language or skills training, and more.
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Making a Difference Together

We’re setting a global goal of employing 1,500 refugees over the next five years. We’re asking our network of member companies and the broader business community to double this effort by making an additional 1,500 hires over the same time.

About the Initiative

We’re facing an international crisis. Conflict and natural disasters are displacing more people than at any time in human history. At WeWork, we believe that this is an issue that demands action. The WeWork Community Refugee Hiring Initiative brings together a worldwide network of companies and business leaders to harness the power of community and create a movement.

    • Inspiring Success
    • Beginning in early 2017, we partnered with the International Rescue Committee's New York office to create a pilot program to employ refugees in New York City. We successfully hired over 50 refugee candidates for Community roles, with a retention rate of over 95%.
    • Expanding Opportunity
    • We’re expanding our commitment to employ 1,500 refugees over the next five years, beginning in the US and UK, working with the IRC, the Tent Partnership for Refugees, Breaking Barriers, and our network of partners.
    • Community Action
    • We’re inviting our 20,000+ member companies and the broader business community to join us in hiring refugees and offering support—working together toward a collective goal of employing an additional 1,500 refugees over the same five year period.
    • Upward Mobility
    • We'll support refugee employees that want to grow with us by providing access to customized training, language skills, and mentorship via our partners, members, and employees.
    • Global-to-Local Engagement
    • Through community events, job fairs, and volunteer opportunities, we’ll provide opportunities for members and employees to engage with and take action in supporting refugees.

65 million

Number of people displaced by conflict worldwide as of 2016.


Percentage of refugees resettled by the IRC in 2016 who were economically self-sufficient within six months.

$63 billion

Positive financial gains refugees have contributed to the economy over the past decade.

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WeWork is a movement toward a new way of working—bringing people together from all walks of life to pursue mindful, purposeful work. Our mission is to create a world where people make a life, not just a living. We believe that by working together, every person and every community can powerfully affect positive change around the world.

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