WeWork Hardware Campus

All the space you need, to build what matters.
All the space you need, to build what matters.

Create Your Life's Work.

Discover the largest hardware community in Israel. A collaborative workspace for Hardware R&D teams of all sizes. We offer 5 floors of vibrant working spaces, along with an open-access area with 1000sqm of high-end technology makerspace: a fully-equipped, trans-disciplinary lab.

Much More than an Office.

WeWork empowers our members by providing everything you need under one roof. Enrich your knowledge base with professional courses and workshops in fields such as engineering, design, innovation & more, and get to know other hardware companies while you work. Whether your business is looking for a space to grow, or just a really productive space to be, whatever your unique office space needs are, we have solutions for teams of every size.

WeWork Amenities

    • Internet yang sangat laju
    • Hubungkan diri anda dengan Ethernet berdawai keras atau Wi-Fi yang selamat, termasuklah sokongan IT dan fungsi log masuk tetamu.
    • Kopi Mikropanggang
    • Dapatkan rangsangan kafein sepanjang hari dengan sajian berterusan minuman kopi panggang yang segar.
    • Perkhidmatan Pembersihan
    • Krew pembersihan kami membantu memastikan kawasan umum, bilik mesyuarat dan pejabat peribadi adalah kemas sepanjang masa.
    • Air Buah-buahan
    • Air buah-buahan yang menyegarkan untuk memastikan anda dan tetamu anda terhidrasi sepanjang hari.
    • Pencetakan
    • Setiap lantai mempunyai ruang bak perpustakaan yang tersendiri, dilengkapi dengan pencetak kelas perniagaan, bekalan pejabat dan peracik kertas.
    • Pondok Telefon
    • Ruang kecil yang kalis bunyi ini menyediakan sanktuari yang selesa untuk mengadakan panggilan peribadi dan sembang video.

Making Things. Creating Impact.

Impact Labs is a one-of-a-kind makerspace realized in partnership with WeWork. Our mission is to offer easy, cost-effective access to high-end technology, community-based knowledge, and valuable opportunities for our members.

We aim to provide our expertise and equipment in order to help entrepreneurs, companies, and non-profits looking to develop revolutionary physical products.

Impact Labs provides expertise and access to high-end facilities. Our innovation lab has everything you need to take your product from concept to production-ready product.

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Our 1000 sqm of high-end labs include...

3D printing

Assembly & Paint Rooms

IoT & Electronics Labs


Make-A-Thons & Innovation Events

Robotic Arms

Laser Cutters

Metal, Wood, & Fabric Labs


We had various needs for our office space, and WeWork HaZerem had the precise solution for us; office space for our team, and a high-end lab downstairs, with all the facilities we need to assemble our scooters. This saves us a lot of time and also provides us with access to the WeWork network of potential partners.


Becoming a WeWork member has allowed us to focus on our business, while WeWork’s community team takes care of all office related details. The team here at HaZerem is professional and supportive and having Impact Labs under one roof has been super productive for us. We’ve been able to create prototypes and products on the same day and with much more flexibility.


We were astounded by the leverage we gained by joining Impact Labs at WeWork HaZerem. Technical Lab services, flexible working spaces, warm and personable support, and the multipurpose roof has enabled us to complete the design, build the POC, test it and demonstrate the product all within one place. A one-stop shop.

Meet Ram Sollel

Industrial Designer at HaZerem

Meet Shahaf Shav-Artza

Tel Aviv City Manager, WIND