How Global Access Solves Common Mobile Working Challenges

By Grant McGrail, Global Head of Enterprise Growth

Technology has given us faster WiFi, smarter phones, and lighter laptops than ever before. But anyone who frequently travels for work knows the truth: It’s still really tough to be productive on the road.

WeWork Ciyunsi
Beijing, China

Even the best technology can’t help when you’re en route to a meeting, realize your presentation has a typo, and need to print 20 new decks.
Perhaps you’re sitting in traffic for hours going back and forth between meetings, when you otherwise could have been getting work done.

WeWork created global access to solve these challenges.

Global access is your passport to nearly 300 WeWork locations in 77 cities and 23 countries. Whether you’re in Sao Paulo or Shanghai, Toronto or Tokyo, London or Los Angeles, you’ll never be far from a WeWork where you can access reliable WiFi, conference rooms, quiet workspaces, clean bathrooms, micro-roasted coffee, and fruit-infused water.

Curious about what that means for you and your team? Read on.

The challenge: You spend so much time traveling in between meetings that you have no time to actually work.

The solution: With global access, any WeWork location is your touchdown space.

The idea for global access originated with Microsoft, one of our enterprise clients, whose New York sales division was based out of WeWork Times Square. The team was spending a lot of time going back and forth from Times Square to meetings all over the city. As an experiment, they were given access to all WeWork locations so they could head to the nearest one in between meetings and take calls, work on presentations, or send emails, rather than spend all that time commuting.

WeWork Fulton Center, New York

The experiment was such a success that we made global access available to all WeWork members looking to increase their traveling workers' productivity. One major telecom company, for example, has given their Los Angeles sales team global access to save them from hours of driving—and sitting in traffic—every day.

The challenge: You’re getting off a red eye and heading to a meeting—and need to reprint a presentation, charge your laptop, make a call, and connect to WiFi.

The solution: Every WeWork location has fast WiFi, easy-to-use printers, plentiful power outlets, and private phone booths for making calls.

Printing station at WeWork Park Plaza, Mexico City

While each WeWork has unique design touches that reflect the local culture, those core business amenities are present everywhere.

The challenge: While you’re traveling in a different city, a client reaches out and says they happen to be in town at the same time. You need to find a place to meet...and fast.

The solution: Global access gives you the ability to immediately book conference rooms at any location via the WeWork app. And because our technology is consistent across locations, you won’t have to waste time figuring out how to connect your laptop or set up a video conference.

A conference room at WeWork Stadthaus, Hamburg, Germany

If you have a more casual meeting, you and your guests can connect in any of the location’s common areas, ranging from lounges to outdoor terraces, like the ones at London’s Tower Bridge or Rio de Janiero’s Carioca.

Outdoor terrace at WeWork Carioca, Rio de Janiero

The challenge: After a long day of meetings, you need a few hours to work before heading back to your hotel.

The solution: WeWork understands that people need different types of spaces to perform various tasks during the course of a day. That’s why, in addition to areas for meeting, connecting, and socializing, every WeWork location includes private phone booths that you can access when you need quiet time for heads down work.

Phone booths at WeWork Gangnam Station, Seoul

The challenge: Even if you love traveling for work, there’s no denying that being on the road is exhausting—and sometimes you need a little familiarity._

The solution: WeWork is your home away from home. At every location, anywhere in the world, you know what you’re going to get. Being able to access this consistent experience, no matter where you are, can take some stress out of traveling and allow you to focus on your work.

Having global access also makes you part of the worldwide WeWork community. At every location, WeWork Community teams are there to answer questions or lend a helping hand.

Community managers at WeWork Ark Hills South, Tokyo

Plus, wherever you may be, you can participate in WeWork events—ranging from professional development sessions to networking breakfasts—giving you a global network of future colleagues, collaborators, and friends.

Learn more about WeWork global access for your teams, today.