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Tell us how you imagine the future of your work, and we’ll show you how we help a company of your size.

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WeWork provides refreshing workspace, powerful community, and meaningful business services to forward-thinking companies around the world.

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Whether you’re looking to establish a 500-person headquarters or a one-person satellite office, WeWork can create a custom workplace experience that eliminates hassle, inspires employees, and fosters a culture that attracts top talent. Enjoy included front-desk service, utilities, refreshments, and more.

WeWork를 통한 작업의 이점

WeWork has 200,000+ members at 200+ locations in 52 cities across the globe, which offer

  • 모든 규모의 회사에 알맞는 아름답고 완벽히 구비된 협업 업무공간
  • 첨단 기술을 완벽히 갖춘 소컨퍼런스룸
  • 커피, 차 및 과일수가 제공되는 멋진 대규모 공간
  • Flexible space membership plans with conference room access and private workspace on demand
  • Streamlined business services like Salesforce and Dropbox, added right onto your monthly plan