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Welcome Toptal Members

WeWork is excited to announce a partnership with Toptal to offer their members complimentary 2-month WeMembership subscriptions and 10% off on Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks and private offices with a 12-month commitment.


WeWork provides workspace, community and services to companies of 1-100+ employees and has over 200 locations around the world.

WeWork 업무공간 설계는 유리벽을 사용하여 투명함과 자연광을 제공하면서도 프라이버시가 보장되는 프라이빗 오피스(1–100명 수용)가 특징입니다. 감각적인 미관과 분위기를 자랑하는 라운지는 함께 하는 팀원들은 물론 방문하는 게스트들에게도 만족감을 선사합니다.

제품에 대한 실시간 피드백이 필요할 때, 필요한 업체를 추천받아야 할 때, 혹은 퇴근 후 누군가와 맥주 한 잔을 하고 싶을 때, 커뮤니티의 소중함을 알게 됩니다.

시간보다 더 중요한 것이 또 있을까요? WeWork의 서비스 스토어는 회원들의 효율적인 운영을 도와주는 서비스와 소프트웨어를 한 곳에서 구매할 수 있는 원스탑 입니다. 귀사가 WeWork에 가입하는 순간 건강보험, 회계 소프트웨어, 생산성 도구 등을 저렴하게 이용하실 수 있습니다.

WeWork Promenade Common Area

WeWork Promenade Common Area

We Membership: at a glance

Sign up for We Membership here using the code "WWToptal"

We Membership makes it easy for you to connect with tens of thousands of WeWork members who need the services you offer and offer the services you need. Using our mobile app and member network, you can leverage the strength of our diverse, global community no matter where you are.
This membership also comes with two credits to book workspace or conference rooms in select locations around the world.

  • 사용 권한
    멤버십에는 매월 2 크레딧이 제공되어 월요일-금요일 오전9시~오후6시에 원하는 지점에서 업무공간이나 회의실을 예약할 수 있습니다.
  • 지점
    선택 위치에서 작업 할 수 있습니다. 추가 일일 작업 공간 : USD$50/일
  • 크레딧
    2(이)가 포함됩니다(추가 구매 가능).
  • 추가 옵션
    Daily Workspace: USD$50/day
    Conference Rooms: Starting at USD$25/hour
    Mail & Package Handling*: USD$50/month

핫 데스크: 한 눈에 보기

Get started via form at right

WeWork's Hot Desk plans give you the opportunity to connect with the WeWork community while staying true to yourself. Offered at a starting price of $220/month, Hot Desks are perfect for those who need flexible, 24/7 access to workspace, but not necessarily a private office, or even the same desk every day. With the Hot Desk plan, you’ll pick a primary WeWork location, show up when you want, grab any open seat in the Hot Desk common area, and start working. A new seat each day means new conversations with future collaborators, with the peace-of-mind of always having an outlet for your computer, not having to buy coffee, and access to impressive conference rooms for your next big meeting.

  • 사용 권한
    선택한 지점에 24/7 액세스
  • 지점
    선호하는 지점을 서택하세요. 다른 지점의 일일 핫 데스크: $50/일
  • 크레딧
    2 included, with the ability to buy more.
    *Credits can be used towards reserving conference rooms and workspace and for printing. You'll be able to purchase as many credits as you like. 1 credit costs $25.
  • 추가 옵션
    Conference Rooms: Starting at $25/hour
    Mail & Packaging Handling*: $50/month

*24/7 Access is not available in Soho. Mail & package handling is available in all countries except the U.K.

Dedicated desks: at a glance

Get started via form at right

This plan gives you 24/7 access to a desk (or desks) in a private, open area. Dedicated Desks are permanent, meaning you will work from the same spot all day, every day. Not only that, but this plan also gives you the opportunity to collaborate easily with members around you, giving you the best parts of working in a community while still having space to do your own thing.
With a Dedicated Desk, you get a chair, lamp, trash can, and filing cabinet. You also have printing, mail and package services.

  • 사용 권한
    선택한 지점에 24/7 액세스
  • 지점
    WeWork 사무실이 아닌 경우 다른 지점의 일일 핫 데스크: $50/일
  • 크레딧
    5(이)가 포함됩니다(추가 구매 가능).
  • 추가 옵션
    회의실: 기본 요금: $25/시간

*24/7 Access is not available in Soho.

WeWork global locations

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