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Your free membership includes:

    • Unlimited Access
    • Three months of unlimited access to hot desks at any WeWork location around the world!
    • Conference Room Credits
    • 컨퍼런스룸 또는 미팅 공간 예약에 사용할 수 있는 크레딧 매월 5개 제공
    • Professional services
    • Printing and Wi-Fi, and special offers from professional and lifestyle partners
    • Refreshments
    • Free-flowing refreshments, like micro-roasted coffee, fruit water, teas, and craft on draft
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WeWork 소개

WeWork는 사람과 기업이 함께 성장할 수 있는 글로벌 업무공간이자 네트워크입니다. WeWork가 있는 곳은 언제나 영감과 사람들 간의 교류가 가득한 활기 있는 공간이 됩니다. WeWork는 최적의 업무 환경을 제공하는 것을 넘어서, ‘일’을 인간적으로 변화시킵니다. WeWork는 CEO들이 서로를 도울 수 있고, 사무실이 내 집처럼 편안할 수 있으며, 하고 있는 일에서 진정한 의미를 발견할 수 있다면 월요일이 항상 기다려지는 날이 될수 있을 것이라 믿습니다.

Today WeWork has 300+ locations in over 58 cities, with new locations opening every month.

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유연한 계약

Go month-to-month or stay for the years ahead. Start with one desk and grow to an office of 100. Our memberships are flexible to keep up with your ever-changing needs.

All-Inclusive Amenities:

Your membership includes everything your team needs to be successful. From printing and conference room allowances for productivity to unlimited refreshments that fuel your people—it’s all on us. Plus, our Community team is always on site for anything your team might need.

Community Benefits:

Our global network gives you access to events, conferences, and networking opportunities from Boston to Bangalore, and everywhere in between. We leverage our scale to provide your company with discounts on business needs, like healthcare, software, and gym memberships.