WeWork Terminus Opening June 1

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Where businesses thrive


WeWork は、企業や個人が成長していくためのワークスペースを提供するグローバルネットワークです。あなたがクリエイティビティを発揮し、仕事に集中しながら、人的ネットワークを拡げられるオフィス環境を提供することで、仕事を豊かな人生に変えるお手伝いをします。ここで仕事をする本当の意義を見つけることができれば、メンバー間のコラボレーションが生まれ、オフィスが自宅のようにくつろげるスペースとなるはず。あなたもきっと月曜日にこのオフィスへ来ることが待ち遠しくなることでしょう。

WeWork Terminus opening June 1

WeWork Terminus is the epitome of uptown chic. Occupying 2 floors in the Terminus 100 building, WeWork Terminus is just the office space you’ve been looking for. Enjoy unparalleled views over Peachtree Street where you can see the sun rise over Stone Mountain in the morning and set over Midtown in the afternoon. Surrounded by office towers, upscale shopping, and hotels, this diverse Buckhead office space attracts an array of members. WeWork is best experienced in person. Fill out the form to speak and a member of our team will be in touch to schedule a tour.

WeWork メンバーの皆さんの声

"We've saved about $1 million in overhead because of WeWork. Previously, we were wasting money on 3-4 year leases for massive offices we didn't need. It wasn't sustainable and we had a lot of empty desks, which decreased company morale."

- Matt Fowler, Director of HR and Organizational Development at Visalus

"In our old office, we had an admin whose sole job was to manage our facilities. With the WeWork team, we no longer have to pay for or manage someone to handle office logistics."

- Jon Gregg, VP Finance and Operations at System1