How Hootsuite Scaled Globally with WeWork

270 Desks in WeWork Tower Bridge

La sfida:

Hootsuite, a social media management platform, underwent massive growth on a global scale. As they began to project the future needs of the company, they realized change would be one of the few constants. Hootsuite needed a flexible real estate solution that could scale with them all over the world.

Hootsuite's Regional Headquarters in London
London, United Kingdom

La soluzione:

Partnering with WeWork gave Hootsuite flexibility and scalability to accommodate for international expansion and plan for a dynamic future. By leveraging the WeWork platform and global network, Hootsuite was able to expand their footprint and establish new operations quickly from Mexico City to London.

Have a look for yourself - tour the space in 3D here

Key Highlights:

  • Real estate on demand in major markets around the world
  • No upfront capital investment
  • Flexible membership agreements meaning Hootsuite can grow and contract as needed
  • Customizable options including layout, A/V, IT and interior design ensure the space is identifiably Hootsuite

I risultati:

Hootsuite’s continued business growth needed flexible real estate solutions that could easily manage change and help the company prepare for the future. Hootsuite utilized WeWork’s global footprint to establish regional headquarters in major cities such as New York, Sydney, London, Hamburg, Paris, Mexico City and Toronto.

About a year ago, the staff at Hootsuite was eager to find a new location for its London headquarters.

“We had been looking for quite a while to move out of where we were,” says Nicole Quinn, executive assistant to the general manager. “Our agent had shown us many different spaces, but nothing was quite right for us.”

Then someone mentioned walking past WeWork Tower Bridge. The fifth floor of the building at 1 St. Katherine’s Way —— proved to be everything they were looking for. It was open and airy, with a modern blend of private desks, collaborative spaces, and meeting rooms. There was a central kitchen and lounge areas where staffers could relax or have informal meetings.

And there was one big plus: views of the stone walls of the Tower of London in one direction and the tall-masted ships anchored in a small harbor in the other.

“My boss took one look at the space and said, ‘It’s lovely, it’s perfect,’” Quinn remembers. “And we made plans to move in as soon as possible.“

Now about 130 people work out of Hootsuite’s London HQ. As the company grows, Quinn says, they always have the option of taking more space.

WeWork allows us to plan for the future. It’s very easy to scale up or scale down, depending on your needs. It makes things very simple for us.

Nicole Quinn, Executive Assistant to the General Manager, Hootsuite

This is just one of many WeWork buildings where Hootsuite has established regional headquarters. Harmony Cornwell, the company’s Senior Manager of Global Facilities, noted that each space and team around the world has unique needs that WeWork can accommodate.

One of Hootsuite’s biggest challenges has been Mexico City, where explosive growth meant that the company needed to nearly triple the amount of space for its local headquarters.

Cornwell said Kim Jackson, WeWork’s Global Account Manager, who handles all of Hootsuite’s locations, made the process simple. Jackson scoured WeWork’s local assets to secure the perfect space.

“It’s such a great relationship,” said Jackson. “Hootsuite knows what their needs are, so we can easily find the right solution. We upgraded them from a 24-person office to a 60-person office quickly and easily. It was a very seamless project.”

Jackson said that a big part of her job is making sure all of a member’s needs are taken care of. In Mexico City she noticed that Hootsuite’s customer service staff often worked at night.

“I sent them an espresso machine so they would always have coffee ready,” said Jackson.

In addition, Hootsuite uses WeWork when it needs temporary offices. When a team in Toronto needed a swing space, Cornwell says WeWork provided them with the perfect solution. “The other option was an office that we would have to build out and furnish ourselves,” says Cornwell. “This was a much better solution for us.”

Hootsuite’s Cornwell says the company’s office space needs change frequently, which makes WeWork an important partner for them.

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