The remote internship toolkit

“We can’t effectively manage interns remotely.”

I hear some version of this statement daily, and my answer is always: “Yes, you can very much effectively manage interns remotely.”

Then I shoot off the following question: “Have you heard of [insert name of really handy tool]?”

“Well, no,” is the response I typically receive.

So here are the 10 tools I recommend to effectively manage interns remotely. Just call it your Remote Internship Toolkit.

1. Slack: Slack is a must-have for remote teams. It is the best way to chat with your team all day long. Create channels and private groups. You can upload files quickly, and the search feature is amazing.

2. Google Drive: Forget Microsoft Office. Collaborate on files with your team in real-time. Whether it’s a presentation, spreadsheet, or document, Drive is a great way to work on files. An added bonus is it automatically saves to cloud so you never lose information, and you can easily restore and track revisions.

3. Buffer: Do you have a social media intern? If so, you definitely need Buffer for him or her to schedule your social media posts. Buffer is a clean, visually appealing and easy-to-use social media scheduling tool. Think Hootsuite but better.

4. Zone: Zone is a time tracking application for Mac users, and it’s awesome. I use this all the time to track my activities, which it color codes for me. Purchase this for your intern, and then you’ll be certain your timesheets and invoices are correct.

5. Hangouts: Hangouts is simply Google’s alternative to Skype. You can schedule on-air chats or do private group Hangouts. There is a chat feature, and you can add apps to make it more versatile. Google Effects is pretty fun too!

6. Pocket: Again, if you have a social media intern, Pocket is a must-have tool. Pocket is an app that allows you to easily bookmark articles you read on the web. The app integrates with Buffer so if you see an article you like, save it to Pocket, and your intern can schedule Buffer to post it on social media the next day.

7. Yesware: Want to know when your intern opened your email? Purchase Yesware. Yesware not only allows you to know when people open your email, but it also allows you to schedule emails and create email templates.

8. Adobe EchoSign: Of course, you’re going to need your remote intern to sign documents, which is where Adobe EchoSign comes into play. Send your intern the document they need to sign, and it will save in cloud, notifying both parties it was signed.

9. Meldium: Meldium is the best, free tool I use for working as part of a remote team. The web app saves all of your passwords and automatically logs you into accounts from its dashboard. No more annoying password spreadsheets. Simply add your new team member to Meldium.

10. Every Time Zone: It can be annoying to figure out what time it is in other time zones when working with remote workers. Time Zone saves you the guessing by telling you exactly what time it is in every time zone.

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