Taking command of your brand

If you think branding is only for big businesses, then you could be missing out on one of the surest ways to create your own successful company. When a well-defined brand is developed early on, it provides the startup or entrepreneur with a solid foundation to grow recognition and revenue.

Many people don’t realize that…

You have a brand whether you’ve defined it or not. While you might not think you’re involved in the brand building, every decision you make from answering the first email in the morning to the developing new content for your website, is defining and shaping your brand.

The brand is in the hearts and minds of the consumer. Initially, the person or organization representing a product or service is creating the brand. However, the brand will be shaped over time by the sum total of your audience’s experience. It’s their feelings and perceptions about your company that will ultimately define the brand.

Branding is about connecting. Since your brand is determined by how your audience perceives and interacts with you, success depends on how you effectively connect with your target audience. You’ll want to build familiarity and trust, setting a foundation for deeper engagement and loyalty, which will eventually help with your business goals.

Steps you can take

To create a strong brand, decisions should be carefully aligned with a broader strategy. You may want to speak with a branding expert about where to start or how to optimize your brand. Meanwhile, you can take command today by doing the following:

  1. Clearly define your product, business, or service and show why it’s unique. Most offerings have similar qualities and features, so find a way to be different.
  2. Know what’s really important to your target audience. People have so many choices nowadays, so they’ll make decisions based on trust and past experience.
  3. Communicate clearly and succinctly. There’s information overload these days, so keep your messaging tight and well crafted to connect with your target audience.
  4. Implement the branding consistently across all channels and interactions. Always be on-brand; no detail is too small.

Branding is an ongoing process that requires both wide-angle vision and microscopic attention to detail. Like driving, you need to learn the basics and know what to watch out for.  While it’s great to give people what they want, stay authentic and excite them with something new and interesting.

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