Office Space

UK’s capital city is an advertising and branding hub. Here’s where to find the best office

We checked in with several of the first WeWork London member companies. They’re all going strong

Matthew Perry was in a tough spot. The serial entrepreneur had been a member at WeWork for for six years, but his latest venture wasn’t bringing in enough money to pay for an office. “I couldn’t afford to spend money when this new company wasn’t making money yet,” says Perry. Perry decided to bootstrap his […]

When appScatter was looking for office space in London, one of the main goals was finding a place that could grow along with them. “We knew that we were going to grow quite quickly,” says Jason Hill, sales director for the rapidly expanding mobile strategy platform. The company had big plans, and didn’t want to […]

That pair of Air Jordans you’ve kept in pristine condition all these years? You wouldn’t believe what they’re worth. “These sneakers are commodities,” says Robert Mulokwa, founder of Arkiv. “They are very valuable assets. The secondary market in U.S.—just for sneakers—is over a billion dollars a year. That’s 300 million pairs of sneakers a year.” […]