Summer Essentials: A cheerful and vibrant MacBook sleeve

It’s about time you judged a MacBook (or iPad or iPhone) by its cover. Okay, maybe not judge necessarily, but care about your gadget’s cover as much as the tech inside of it. This is WeWork member Mariza Drosou’s chief goal, and she urges all other design aficionados to feel the same at it. Coat your MacBook this season with a pale yellow and light gray cover. It’s soft, handmade, zipper-free, and water and heat-protected—reliable and destined to keep a smile on your face all summer long.

Designer sunglasses don’t have to have a hefty price tag. Eyediologie offers the latest looks from 49 designers all around the world for a very attractive price: $89. We like the Devon—a slightly retro black frame that looks just as good on women as it does on men—but there are dozens to choose from. WeWork […]

Ever get to your terminal with your smartphone running low on juice and no outlets in sight? Upgrade your travel experience with the world’s first smart suitcase, made by WeWork Irving Place member Bluesmart. Besides serving as a charging station for your phone—with up to six charges—this ingenious piece of luggage can also weigh itself […]

Looking good and feeling great don’t have to be that hard with Parsley Health’s award-winning detox program. WeWork Gramercy’s Parsley Health, a high-tech, holistic medical practice, makes sure you have everything you need for a quick and delicious seven-day detox. The package includes a one-week supply of their vanilla protein shake, digestive enzymes, and medical-grade daily […]