Four best iOS apps to give your business a boost

Last week, we covered some of the better new apps on Android that can help your business. However, as diverse as the Android system is, there’s no denying that app developers often look to make their apps on iOS first. That means that the Apple Store, even with its closed loop structure, is just as much a hotbed of innovation as its robot competitor. Here are some of the better 2014 apps that could give your business a boost.


Studies have shown that the more decisions a leader has to make, the fewer they will be able to make in the future. Call it decision fatigue, and it’s a piece of scholarship that CEOs, ranging from Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg, have taken note. They’ve applied the thinking to clothing options. If you have to travel for your business, PackPoint will be that assistant. Simply answer a few questions and it will provide you with an entire list of what to put in your bag, leaving you time to make the important decisions.


Working in the cloud is a given these days, and Google Docs is equally ubiquitous. However, there are myriad advantages of going off the beaten path: not only can separating your documents and data into a system outside of Google be better for security, it can also be a breeze with a system as smooth as Cubby. A product of LogMeIn, Cubby’s app is gorgeous. It lets a user to go cloudless by syncing unlimited folders across computers, offers 256-bit encryption for all files an extra levels for those deemed especially sensitive, and allows for central management for user access. It’s available across most OS systems, so if your sensitive data is getting overwhelming, it’s a strong app to consider.

Mercury Web Browser Pro

The right web browser is like the right set of glasses; it lets you see everything clearer than before. The right browser for an iPad is the Mercury Web Browser Pro 8.0. For a mere humble dollar, you can get Dropbox integration, sync with Firefox and Chrome, printing capability, gesture support, the whole kit and kaboodle. It also presents web pages beautifully to boot, and it’s worth more than the dollar for the heavy iPad user.


Ready to truly gamify your work experience? Then look no further than 30/30, made by the game makers at Binary Hammer. This isn’t typical gamification that’s full of badges and stickers. Rather, it makes you feel like you’re in a time-trial stage of a video game: you set up a list of tasks, and then give each of them a time limit. After that, you’re off to the races! Setting guidelines on time is a quick and effective way to manage it, and racing yourself can turn the most boring tasks into something at least partially interesting.

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