Should I move my business to London?

From creatives in South Bank to startups in Soho, London is a thriving home for all business types. Here’s what you need to know before moving to the city

London’s influence spans every spectrum: the financial, political, technological, and cultural. Unlike New York, which leaves the political to the nation’s capital, or San Francisco, where finance and entertainment is lost in all its technology, London has it all.

Prima ballerinas dance in world-class theaters, while financial dominance emanates from the London Stock Exchange. Research breakthroughs are frequent out of its universities, and Palace of Westminster is the heart of Britain’s democracy. The monarch is headquartered at Buckingham Palace, and world leaders in finance and technology run operations in London, too. We could go on—potential in England’s capital really is limitless.

With all this innovation, London is a lively and promising home for your growing team. Our guide to moving to the city will help you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

How does Brexit affect business in London?

With the UK facing some uncertainty in the face of Brexit, experts say London—the epicenter of Great Britain’s economic output—will be largely shielded from the shock of leaving the European Union (EU). Reports from both the London mayor’s office and the nation’s government predict the capital will not feel the effects of Brexit as fiercely as other parts of the country when it comes to economic and job growth in the years ahead.

As it stands, London is a huge driver in the nation’s economy. More than 483,000 people were employed in London in 2017, and the city accounts for 23 percent of the UK’s overall contribution to the world economy. This is showing no signs of slowing down, with job growth continuing across a range of sectors.

A historical center of business, London has managed to reinvent itself time and again to remain a leader on the world stage. If government predictions are anything to go by, there’s no question the city and its people will do the same in the years to come.

The cost of office space in London

With all this potential, however, comes demand. London—as we all know—is expensive, and this can be seen not only in housing but in office space, too. Companies are attempting to squeeze (quite literally!) their staff into tighter spaces. They are doing this to accommodate the ever-growing demands from real estate brokers who are looking for long-term commitments, higher rents, and increased upfront capital to secure a space.

WeWork helps solve this. Taking a flexible and all-inclusive approach to providing a collaborative work environment, WeWork’s spaces are affordable with minimum upfront costs. Most importantly, our spaces are designed to boost productivity in your staff—not suffocate them.

Moving your business to London with WeWork

From IT support to office design, keeping your company secure and productive, while safeguarding the culture of your team, is no simple task. Here are just three options for moving your business to London with WeWork.

Creative workspace in South Bank

At the heart of South Bank, a cultural center of art, film, and theater, WeWork New Kings Beam House is a flexible, all-inclusive site to grow your company. With membership options that range from hot desks to private offices for growing teams, you can take a sustainable approach to growing your business in this bustling neighbourhood at Kings Beam House.

If you’re starting a new venture, find a double desk for you and your business partner and take advantage of this building’s unique outdoor space to impress potential clients or investors. Alternatively, if you’re building a team, why not choose our 11-20 seat options for a flexible monthly fee?

Innovative office space in Soho

A premium building in an upscale location, Medius House in Soho is a vibrant place to grow your business. WeWork’s flexible membership options help you do this in a sustainable way—without the risk associated with traditional office leases.

At WeWork Medius House, you are positioned in one of the most creative and entrepreneurial neighbourhoods in London, alongside buzzing creatives and ever-growing startups. Immerse yourself in this energetic community, with a sustainable, stress-free solution at WeWork’s coworking space in Soho.

Finding coworking space in West London

Welcome to our modern office space in Hammersmith Grove. This convenient location, within a hub of growing businesses and creative agencies, puts you right in the action. Let us take care of daily operations, with front-desk assistance, printing services, cleaning staff, and more—while you focus on the work that matters.

Enjoy a wellness room, events space, outdoor terrace, and brainstorming room at WeWork Hammersmith Grove, alongside our hallmark lounge areas, conference rooms, and sleek private offices. With our flexible membership options, you can sit up to 50 people at a desk in this location for a monthly fee.

Space tailored to teams of all sizes

From individual hot-desking options to customised build outs for enterprise clients, WeWork caters to teams of all sizes. We optimize space to transform the way your company works—whether that’s fitting hundreds of employees into a converted building or placing your team in a private office at a shared coworking space.

With every option, you reap the benefits inherent to WeWork: beautiful spaces, global community, all-inclusive amenities, and more. Plus, our flexible membership options keep your team growing and moving forward, both across London—and around the world.

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