Best London office locations for creative agencies

UK's capital city is an advertising and branding hub. Here's where to find the best office

Bursting with culture and diversity and life, the streets of London are a hotbed of creativity. Each year, agencies tap into that energy to deliver groundbreaking advertising and branding campaigns—and the ripple effects change the way we see products, concepts, services, and even ourselves.

If you’re a creative agency looking to set down roots in London, there are neighbourhoods that will put you right in the action—next door to the agency that created the famous Cadbury drumming-gorilla advertisement, for example. Or across the road from the firm responsible for Vogue’s first spread featuring a 100-year-old model.

The right locale can accelerate your success and present new opportunities. By positioning yourself amid leaders in the field (your toughest competition, even), you’ll push yourself to innovate, too.

If you’re looking to surround yourself with inspiration in one of the world’s most vibrant cities, here are the best locations in London for creative agencies.


A lively neighbourhood split among three boroughs, Shoreditch is home to a high concentration of creative agencies and technology startups. When KFC ran out of chicken in stores across the UK in February 2018, local creative agency Mother London conjured up a clever crisis-management tactic: The letters “FCK” replaced the brand’s logo on print ads, with the tagline “We’re sorry”. The tongue-in-cheek campaign was refreshingly honest and promised consumers the brand was “making progress” in refilling its chicken stocks.

Surrounded by this level of creativity, our Shoreditch locations are built with you in mind: collaborative workspaces are perfect for networking with potential clients, while brainstorming rooms give you space to strip down and rebuild campaign ideas. Plus, our beautiful event spaces are great for showing off projects and hosting networking events.

See our spaces in Shoreditch here:
The Stage | 1 Mark Square | Hewett Tower | 70 Wilson Street

WeWork Mark Square Interior


The place Paddington Bear found his “humans,” this neighbourhood is a longstanding site of storytelling and new ideas. A handful of well-known creative shops are based in Paddington, including Adam and Eve/DDB, which in 2018 captured the “Effectiveness Triple Crown” by winning the UK Effies Agency of the Year as well as the APG and IPA Agency of the Year titles.

Adam and Eve/DDB was also responsible for the 2016 Harvey Nichols campaign celebrating Vogue’s 100th issue featuring a 100-year-old woman. And the Paddington agency helped Skittles “Give Up the Rainbow” in the lead-up to the 2016 Pride celebrations because “this Pride, only #onerainbow deserves to be the center of attention.”

WeWork’s office spaces in Paddington also celebrate diversity, welcoming a dynamic community of professionals looking to make their mark. As a member, you have access to a global network of professionals looking to collaborate locally, and around the world.

Find out more about our spaces in Paddington:
2 Eastbourne Terrace | North West House


A village on the Thames filled with media and creative professionals, Chiswick is a thriving home for your business—particularly if you’re in advertising. Home to several agencies charged with branding everything from hotels to the America’s Cup, this is the place to be if you’re looking to make a difference. Here, you’ll find health-conscious creatives bent on improving humanity, alongside agencies dedicated to supporting startups with smart designs and lasting strategies.

WeWork locations in this vibrant community combine functional outdoor areas, free-flowing coffee, and collaborative, well-connected workspaces to keep your team moving forward. Plus, our flexible agreements make it easy to put down roots.

See our spaces near Chiswick:
12 Hammersmith Grove | 184 Shepherds Bush Road

WeWork Mark Square Interior


You’ve seen it and loved it. We all have. The advertisement for Cadbury chocolate in which a gorilla (OK, a person in a gorilla suit) is playing the drums to the Phil Collins classic “In the Air Tonight.” One of the masterminds behind this extremely successful televised segment, former Cadbury marketing manager Phil Rumbol, started his own company, 101 London, on the Strand.

Constantly growing and evolving, the area has attracted a great number of creative agencies to its picturesque and historic streets. You can be part of this with WeWork’s coworking spaces. Take advantage of our flexible hot-desking options, or settle your team into a sleek private office, all the while positioning yourself amid those in the habit of being noticed.

WeWork’s places near the Strand:
Aldwych House | The Cursitor

West End

London’s beating heart of media and entertainment, the West End is a powerhouse of creative excellence. McCann London (a subsidiary of the branch in New York City) was founded in 1927 in the terraced streets of Bloomsbury. McCann is responsible for the likes of L’Oreal’s 1973 “Because You’re Worth It” campaign, a message that’s still in use today.

This level of staying power is frequently seen in campaigns from West End, home to McCann and many other leading agencies. WeWork’s coworking spaces are a gateway to this potential and prestige. Whether you’re an established company of hundreds or a startup of just a few employees, our flexible agreements allow you to grow at your own pace, while our beautiful designs help invigorate the workday. If you’re ready to join a lively network of advertising legends, WeWork’s West End office spaces will deliver.

Read more about our spaces in West End:
16 Great Chapel Street | Medius House | North West House | Aviation House

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