11 best coworking spaces in London

From airy spaces in Kings Cross to creativity hubs on Old Street, here are the coolest coworking spaces in London

There’s no doubt about it: The nature of work is changing. Flexibility and productivity are more highly valued than the amount of time an employee spends in the workplace. With this cultural shift, there’s a decline in traditional office spaces, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and a significant increase in the number of businesses opting for coworking spaces.

At WeWork, creating the perfect workspace for every business is what we strive for. That’s why we’re sharing some of the coolest coworking spaces in London. These will put you close to buzzing startup hubs, popular cultural attractions, collaborative creative communities, and some of London’s best team building destinations.

1. WeWork Devonshire Square

With a central London location bordering the creative east and the city, and a thriving, diverse community of established businesses and startups, Devonshire Square is leading the charge for affordable coworking space. WeWork is taking over the entire Devonshire Square campus, transforming the estate—made up of huge warehouses built by the East India Company to store their precious goods—into soaring, inspiring spaces equipped with all the amenities a new, emerging, or established business needs to thrive.

WeWork Devonshire Square is minutes away from Liverpool Street station and Spitalfields Market, where there is an abundance of delicious street food to keep your team well-fed, happy, and productive.

2. WeWork Waterhouse Square

WeWork Waterhouse Square is an ideal workspace for those who’d like an address with prestige on their business cards. Stepping through a stunning gothic archway off the street, members find themselves in a beautiful brick courtyard that inspires creativity.

With workspaces thoughtfully designed to nurture creative thinking and encourage productivity, Waterhouse Square has proved to be a hotspot for some of London’s most exciting startups. With plenty of meeting room space, modern offices, and heritage rooms that preserve the stunning original architecture of Waterhouse Square, this building is more than just one of the coolest coworking spaces in London––it’s one of the most inspiring places to spend your time, too.

3. WeWork Old Street

Set in one of the most exciting areas of central London, just outside Shoreditch and in close proximity to the Silicon Roundabout, WeWork Old Street on Corsham Street attracts everyone from entrepreneurs in the early stage of product development to more established businesses looking to expand, increase productivity, and better retain talent.

This building is loaded with the reliable amenities and all-inclusive necessities that WeWork is renowned for, whilst embracing the eclectic creativity surrounding it to thrive. You can see this in the decor and design, curated to stimulate your senses and enable good work. If you’re looking for new office space in London or to relocate your business to central London, make sure you check out our Old Street offices.

WeWork Old Street in London.

4. WeWork Hammersmith Brook Green

Perfectly placed between the business district of Hammersmith and the affluent neighbourhood of Brook Green, WeWork Hammersmith Brook Green blends the hustle of a commercial hub with beautiful greenery and vibrant, open parks.

Built in 1916 as the star showroom for the Ford Motor Company, this space suits startups looking to find their feet, or bigger businesses that want to rub shoulders with nearby companies like L’Oreal, Disney, and Sony. With super fast wi-fi set up and ready to go, an in-house barista, lots of meeting space, and the Hammersmith Apollo nearby to entertain clients, this light-filled renovation is one of the finest spots this side of London.

5. WeWork Paddington

Another beautiful west London location, WeWork Paddington gives members access to seven floors of offices and meeting rooms with all the amenities a modern business needs to succeed. Already brimming with innovative businesses and forward-thinking business leaders, this building has the potential to be the perfect home for any business ready for the next stage of growth.

Greeted with a floor-to-ceiling neon art installation inspired by the area upon entering the building, its proximity to Notting Hill, Hyde Park, and other bustling areas of west London means it encapsulates the laid-back, creative, and social vibe it is famous for. Regular in-house networking events make it great for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to meet like-minded individuals.

6. WeWork Medius House in Soho

One of the first things members see as they walk through the doors of WeWork Medius House is a beautiful grand piano and walls decorated with sheet music. Not only does this celebrate the heritage of the building, once a music publishing house, but it also captures the creative spirit of the space—something our members really value.

With Soho having such a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs, the WeWork Medius House work space in Soho gives them the perfect environment to develop their ideas, grow their business, and expand their network of contacts. Its roster of established media companies and PR firms, as well as quickly growing startups, makes it clear why it deserves its place on our list of the best coworking spaces in London.

WeWork Hammersmith Brook Green in London.

7. WeWork Shoreditch Mark Square

Looking for a coworking space that provides your business with the environment it needs to grow? Look no further than one of our most popular spaces in Shoreditch: WeWork Mark Square. With top-quality amenities that reduce business overheads (and allow you to focus on the job at hand), Mark Square scores bonus points thanks to its convenient commute. With its ample office and meeting room space, as well as a classroom and learning area, this Shoreditch location is becoming a member favorite.

Encapsulating the creativity that has made Shoreditch famous, Mark Square has a wonderfully airy atrium to escape to when you need a change of scenery, in addition to a submerged community spot downstairs—with nooks and corners in which to tuck yourself away—or banks of tables where you can open up your laptop or natter over a coffee. Drop by and take a look for yourself.

8. WeWork Spitalfields

Just on the outskirts of Shoreditch, WeWork Spitalfields has the space available to accommodate everyone from freelancers looking for a single hot desk to larger teams that require an entire floor. The decor of the building gives it a cosy, welcoming feel, and each office space within the building contains the WeWork hallmark of architectural design focused on improving productivity.

Located on the doorstep of one of London’s most exciting neighbourhoods, the office is next to an eclectic mix of bars, pubs, and shops that make this coworking space a lively place to be. Head to the market over lunch to pick up antiques, try some new food, or browse the high-end stores.

9. WeWork Aldgate Tower

We could go on all day about how marvellous the WeWork Aldgate Tower coworking space is. We’ll start by telling you that WeWork occupies three floors of this stunning glass tower, each with huge windows that let in a tremendous amount of natural light, creating a workspace that revitalises and encourages creativity.

The kudos given to Aldgate Tower for housing one of the largest event spaces in London is enough alone to put it on our list of the coolest work spaces in London. So whether you want to host a party for prospective clients or network at a WeWork happy hour, you are in the perfect place to do just that. This awesome space is worth checking out if only to find out what events are on.

WeWork Shoreditch Mark Square in London.

10. WeWork Kings Place

Ideally located close to Kings Cross station, the WeWork Kings Place coworking space not only comes with inspiring office space, but an incredible rooftop view of the city. As if this weren’t enough, there’s super fast wifi, coffee on tap, exceptional meeting rooms with A/V equipment, and all the other all-inclusive amenities you’d expect from WeWork.

The space itself is located in a beautiful glass-fronted building that allows natural light to flood into the lobby––an ideal place to set up shop if you need a break from your desk. With its great office facilities and just as great office views, there’s no doubt that WeWork Kings Place deserves its place in our top 10.

11. WeWork Chancery Lane

The WeWork Chancery Lane office is ideal for those who want to combine the hustle of a city coworking space with a touch of nature. Its interior courtyard is surrounded by a ring of trees, and floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the building so you can do what you love in gorgeous natural light.

The office space is occupied by lawyers, media firms, and a diverse range of companies, making it a welcome environment for any business. With a regular event schedule ranging from panels with thought leaders to community mixers, there is plenty of opportunity for networking with like-minded souls.

There you have it: Our rundown of the 10 best coworking spaces in London. This coworking trend is not just a fad, but something that offers many benefits, like helping businesses thrive through reducing unnecessary overheads, offering flexible leases, and improving productivity and talent retention. As well as the buildings highlighted here, we have a huge range of locations in London. Check out our entire selection of London office spaces.

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