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My father taught me a valuable lesson when I entered the world of digital media: Matt, you need to learn how to express thousands of words in a few. You need to reduce, reduce, reduce. But in 2013, there’s always a cooler, more innovative way to express yourself. (highly reputable, I know), for example, […]

409a Valuation Methods We’re back with part two of our Q&A on 409A valuations.  If you haven’t read it, check out part one here. 409A valuations come into play once founders and management start thinking about their first hires, so understanding them early is important.  We’ll have more posts on the topic, which will deal […]

Last year something happened that I’d always dreaded—I got laid off. I’m a single parent, so this hit me hard. With the job market in bad shape, I thought the best way to replace my income would be to open up my own business. Plus, I liked that as my own boss I’d be able […]

We know, we know; you can’t browse the Web for five minutes without being assaulted by articles touting productivity tips, but trust us, we wouldn’t make this list if we didn’t mean it. Below you’ll find five excellent productivity-boosting services. These apps may appear petite — they’re not bloated by features and don’t require webinars […]

Chris “Moot” Poole, the founder of 4chan and, launched DrawQuest on iPad back in February. He set out to instill creativity into the lives of non-artsts; to encourage people who never draw, to draw, and to help them share their creativity. Today, Poole’s DrawQuest makes its debut on iPhone, and we sat down with […]

API. Application Programming Interface. By definition, an API is traditionally thought of as functions or routines that help technical software interact and converse with one another. As marketers or business development professionals in the tech startup world, we often constrain the idea of API integration solely to tech and use it as a main source to […]

When it comes to choosing a price for your offerings, there are a number of things to consider. The first one is the value of the product or service you’re providing. When determining the value of what you offer, there’s no better way than putting yourself into the shoes of your ideal customer. Will it […]

Do What You Love is a series that showcases the entrepreneurs behind emerging companies. In this edition, we sat down with Adam Bellin, Principal at Redhouse Capital Management. Here’s what he shared: The biggest thing I learned from my family is perseverance. Everyone in my family is a serial entrepreneur, and my grandfather is the […]

David Ganulin is the CEO and founder of KettleBell Concepts, which launched in 2002 and has trained over 5,000 of the industry’s kettlebell instructors. We sat down with the fitness-minded entrepreneur for Do What You Love — a series that showcases the entrepreneurs behind startups and small businesses. Here’s what he shared: I grew up in […]

Five months ago, I left a large company to go work for a small company and haven’t regretted it a day since. I should clarify that this is not meant to be a broad strokes indictment of large companies or to say that I’ll never work for one again. Working for an established company definitely […]

I never had a lemonade stand growing up. I didn’t sell stamps or hustle kids out of their baseball cards at recess. I’m not one of those entrepreneurs. I’m just a guy who likes to solve problems. While trying to solve these problems, I’ve made every mistake in the books. This blog, and the subsequent […]

How can you link up for coffee with someone who you’ve only connected with on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? According to an study, there is a tremendous connection between your online and offline relationships. According to their findings, “the average American has 634 ties in their overall network and technology users have bigger networks.” […]

The current class of 500 Startups was billed as the “unsexy” class. What did they mean by that? They were looking for companies that are solving big, real problems in unconventional ways. They weren’t looking for the next hot photo sharing app, or Y.A.H.F. (yet another hipster fad). They weren’t looking for the unicorn. Wisely, […]

I’m on yet another crammed economy red-eye flight going from our New York office to attend an industry event in London. While the food is, as usual, top quality airline gourmet and my neighbor is reading a newspaper with the light blasting right at my face, I thought I’d put a few lines down in […]

My name is Tommy Nicholas, and I am an entrepreneur. While it’s impossible to say exactly when I became an entrepreneur, my father likes to explain it by telling a story of the day my friend Pete and I went missing. We were five years old and I was visiting him in Fairfax, Virginia during […]

Today’s economy is truly global, and so is the threat of viral postvivo cannibalism, or “zombie-ism.” In order to compete in a fast-paced global environment, your business must be adaptable, efficient, and safe from the onslaught of the ravenous undead hordes who seek to reduce profitability. History has shown that the businesses that succeed are […]

The term “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) has become almost a religion to the startup community. The idea of a “Lean Startup” is gaining popularity, several high–profile companies have exited only after “pivots”, and the “launch fast and iterate” mantra is nearing ubiquity in startup circles. I have noticed, however, that the term is as misunderstood […]

We are human beings, made with interactive minds, learning capabilities, communication, reason, and love. Things like business, the internet, and competition have turned us all into greedy success mongers, and we’ve attempted to resolve our stress with carving our own path, rising to the top, standing out, and living life alone in a war to […]